08: Be the YOU that You Are Meant to Be.


Today on the podcast I'm talking about being YOU — The you that you were created to be! And.. hang on tight; because I get pretty excited when I'm talking about this topic. 🙊 Listen in below! 

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You Aren't Defined By Your Mistakes

Now I wanna hear from you:

1) What lies have you been hearing? (Maybe, for your entire life?)

2) And how are you going to start fighting them TODAY?


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Be The You that you are meant to be - Chasing Wonderment podcast episode 8

On to the Show Notes:


We are surrounded by people who tell us how we're supposed to look. How we're supposed to act.

My journey towards being aware of WHO I am as a person started with Meyer's Briggs. It's not about a label, it's about expanding your understanding of how you TICK.

"Being You" is not an excuse. Just because I'm forgetful, or a total hot mess, doesn't mean that I was created wrong... instead, it means I have an opportunity to overcome my own personal challenges. (And you do, too!) 

As you become more aware of yourself and how you tick, you can begin to hear the lies you've been believing. Your eyes can be opening in a WHOLE new way, and your life can literally change directions.

I was being held back by ALL kinds of lies. I'm not good enough. Everything is awful. I'm an idiot. This is gonna fail.

Let me tell you: You have GOT to call out the lies.

Because they will never go away. And they will hold you back FOREVER.

You CANNOT be you that God made unless you let go of the lies that you've been believing. Satan does NOT want you to thrive, because you living in the freedom of who God made you to be means that you impact HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people. It's like when you drop a rock in a puddle — ripples will go out and affect EVERYONE around you.

But first you have to live in the freedom of who God made you to be, without the guilt, the lies, and the crap holding you back from living well.

One of the best ways: WRITE THEM DOWN. You will never stop hearing them until you learn to fight them. You can't fight them until you REPLY.

Grab a sticky note, journal, scrap paper. Write the lie you've been believing, and then write a response:

The LIE: "This day is going to be awful" — The TRUTH: "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and be glad in it!"

And every time you hear that lie again, RESPOND.

The Bible says to take every thought captive: did you know that the average person has over 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day? And most of them are the same ones playing over, and over, and over.

And if we let the lies take over the thoughts that are rolling over and over in our minds... they will stop us dead in our tracks.

You may struggle with failures, you may have made poor decisions, but you are not defined by them, and they don't have to own you today - or tomorrow, or the next day...

I hope that this helps you START to live as the whole person that God made you to be. You are NOT defined by the lies that you believe... you are defined by what you DO with those struggles.

Are you going to let the lies (you're too much, you're too little, you're too bold, you're too flaky) STOP you from being the YOU that God made?

I would love to know that you're listening, so please tag me on Instagram & share a photo - maybe of what you're doing while you listen, maybe share your Meyer's Briggs type!

Know that I am standing with you today, and am rooting for you — I know that you can be the MOST amazing YOU that God created.

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Thanks for being a Wonderment Chaser!


I wanna know more about you! 
What lies have you been hearing? (Maybe, for your entire life?)
And how are you going to start fighting them - TODAY.

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