10 Ways to Survive Social Distancing as a Extrovert


Oh my WORD. Honestly, it feels like we're living in the twilight zone right now. Am I right? Never, in a million years, did I think that a global SHUT-DOWN was even possible. And yet:

Here we are. 

But what how are we supposed to survive Social Distancing as Extroverts?

(Y'all: check on your extroverted friends, because they are NOT OKAY.)

In case you don't know, extroverts are people that get their energy from OTHER PEOPLE. Do you wanna guess what social distancing and quarantine doesn't involve? … You guessed it:


I'm extremely extroverted, and feeling isolated is really hard for me. Not only can it get downright lonely, it also causes us extroverts to LACK energy. So now we're tired, un-excited, AND lonely. Whomp. whomp. 

10 Ways to Survive Social Distancing as a Extrovert

Dear fellow-extroverted friend… 

This is not the end of life as you know it! We can survive this — and actually THRIVE — even in the middle of social distancing! But… HOW?

So here are 10 Ways to Survive Social Distancing as a Extrovert:

1. Dig into all those hobbies you've always said you wanted to do!

I'm going to bet you've said "If I ever get some time, I want to do ______." GIRL. If you're at stuck home like me… NOW IS YOUR TIME. You have the time! So don't wait another second of it. Start the podcast. Write the book. Run the marathon by small laps in your backyard. 

2.  Journal.

Journaling is incredibly helpful especially in times of stress… it's my favorite way to work through feeling ALL THE FEELS, struggling with your mindset, or just needing a listening ear. Journals really are the best listeners! (Here's a blog post to help you get started.)

3. Create an online hang-out with your friends!

I've been thinking about having an evening craft-party with my friends! You can host a 40-minute live chat FREE on Zoom! Bring your favorite project, a cup of tea or coffee, and just hang out online together.

4. Learn something new.

This is a great opportunity to learn something new! Take an online class, work towards something you're excited about or you've always wanted to learn. The perk of that? Often the classes come with a built-in-community of classmates!

5. Download FitOn! 

Less People can equal Less Energy for an extrovert. Pump up your energy levels with at-home workouts. The Fit-On app is completely free, and there are SO many choices for workouts! Pilates, HIIT, Cardio… they are CHALLENGING, too.

6. Dig into your MINDSET.

Our mindsets are incredibly important, and it's often a huge part of living intentionally. I have a free Mindset 101 Workshop that is a deep-dive into WHY your mindset is so important… and what to do about it!

7. De-Clutter.

This is the PERFECT time to get rid of al the clutter you've had piled up in cupboards. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much minimalism has helped me (and our family!) live well, and I can promise you it will change your LIFE. Allie Casazza has some GREAT resources for minimizing. (Plus, her online community is INCREDIBLE!)

8. Marco Polo!

This is a 100% free app, and it's AMAZING. It's such a fun way to chat with friends and family, and you get to see actual human faces. I love using Marco Polo to keep up with friends, swap ideas with my business friends, and check on loved ones. (Also: the voice filters are HILARIOUS, so make sure to use them if you want a really good laugh)

9. Join an online community.

There are SO many online communities available. Online connection is still REAL connection and these groups can be so much fun! I've been having SO much fun connecting with my ladies inside The Wonderment Community, and our Live Zoom calls twice a week have been giving me LIFE. 

10. Call family & friends to check in!

I feel like this is a given… and yet, it's also something we can forget about or put off. Use this extra free time to make a list of people you want to reconnect with, or call on a more regular basis… and then PICK UP THE PHONE. 


I hope this helps! Just remember, friend: you are NOT alone… but if you're still feeling stuck, I've got another resource for you:


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