12: Practical Advice for Living in the PRESENT.


Today I'm chatting about something that I struggle with: Living in the Present. Because, I'm learning more & more that life is happening RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. (And if we're too busy dreaming or worrying about the future... then we'll MISS the good stuff of life.)

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After you listen, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Do you struggle with living in the present? If so, what is ONE THING you can try to help you focus on the daily moments of life?

If you're really good at being present... give us all some tips! 😂



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  • Emily on

    Hi Kate,

    I need to get the iTunes app on my tablet and copy and paste my comments there. I will look into that this week.

    In the meantime – It is so great you put your cell phone usage into a better system. I stopped using my smart phone completely last year. I purchased a refurbished flip phone – the Samsung Alias – it uses e-reader technology (like Kindle) to give you a number pad and then when you open it horizontally, it gives you a typing pad. I love it. I use my ginormous smart phone with wifi at home/office and while traveling, but I no longer carry it everywhere. When I really need to google something, I make a note and use the work laptop or home tablet when I have time. Blessed relief from the crazy and from expectations (and/or perceived expectations) of being available all the time. Amen.

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