3 Reasons why your Mindset is SO Important.


Last week, I walked in front of the mirror and thought "Yuck. Why can't I lose weight faster?"

Now. I'm not substantially overweight. I work out VERY regularly, and try to make fairly healthy food choices. But my MINDSET, you guys... that's something I can't just exercise away. (or... can I?... ūüė¨)

Having a good mindset is SO important.


Why am I yelling at you? ūüėÜ

This brings us to Reason #1:

  • Because of the way our brains work. They have these little things inside them called "neurons". And every time we think a thought, our neurons create pathway inside our brains for that thought. The thoughts we think are literally CARVING ROADS inside our brains.

    And... The more you think a thought, to wider that pathway gets. If you think the same thoughts over and over again... your neurons will turn a tiny little garden path into a HIGHWAY. 

3 Reasons your Mindset is SO Important.

    So with that in mind, I have a question:

    What thoughts do you think when you walk past the mirror?

    Yeah... that just hit home, didn't it?

    So, on to Reason #2...

    • Our thoughts affect (and can also create!!!) our emotions. And our emotions, good or bad, affect our ACTIONS.

      Have you ever wondered why you're having perfectly awesome day, and suddenly you find yourself arguing with someone in your head while you're taking your morning shower? Suddenly you're furious at the whole world, your husband can't do anything right EVER, and now you're a total failure?

      Your thoughts affected your emotions, the frustration turned into action... and back to your thoughts again. It's a giant circle of negativity. Unless we can do something about it. 

    3 Reasons your Mindset is SO Important.



    And Reason #3:

    • Because our mindset can¬†affect our moods, the¬†way we act, or react, our relationships... literally¬†EVERYTHING we do. Our mindset is directly related to¬†our choice to choose a life of purpose and intentionality... to chase our wonderment. Have you ever¬†talked yourself out of¬†doing something amazing, because "enter lame¬†excuse here"? MINDSET.¬†

      Have you ever turned down an opportunity because you didn't think you were qualified? Mindset. Not gone on a date, because what if the guy thought you were weird, or what if you come across desperate? MINDSET. Wished you could make a change in your life, but immediately decide not too because "that's crazy" or "it's not possible" or "enter another lame excuse here"? MINDSET, YOU GUYS. ūüėĪ

    3 Reasons why your Mindset is SO Important.

    I've gotten more and more passionate about this, because I've learned so much about the way I've been letting my thoughts affect literally EVERY area of my life. It's not EASY to stop a poor mindset... but it IS possible. I promise, it's possible to STOP allowing the lies we hear direct our every step.

    I've actually written down the things that I've learned about finding the ROOTS of a poor mindset, because learning where it comes from is KEY in learning how to fight it!

    5 Steps to a better Mindset

    So, now I wanna know:

    Who will you become as you learn to fight your mindset?




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