3 Ways to Live Intentionally when Life is Stressful.


For the past two weeks, our family has been hit with three different illnesses - back to back. Tasha went down first with a high fever... then Alex got a stomach bug and was home for two days. No sooner was he feeling better, when I got a sore throat. then Tasha got a runny nose, and then Zeke came down with a fever. 

The fever (flu?) has worked it's way through all of us… and Alex and I were the last fall. I think we're almost through it now… hopefully.

This would've completely stressed me out a few years ago. I would've been stressed that I wasn't keeping up with everything I "should" be keeping up with. The messed up rhythms and sleepless nights would've sent me over the edge. The truth is:

You can Live Intentionally — even when Life is Stressful.

3 Ways to Live Intentionally when Life is Stressful.

And here's how:

1. Set your Intention.

Figure out the “big purpose” for your day right after you wake up (or the night before!). If you're sick, like my family has been… that intention might be lots of Netflix and naps. I recommend picking your "Top Three" things to accomplish each day. If you wake up already knowing what's important, you’ll walk through your day with more purpose and intention.

2. Allow for White Space.

Sometimes, we fill our days with so much that we don’t allow for space! White space is absolutely needed in your calendar because… sh*t happens. 💩 The appointment takes a little longer than planned. Your toddlers decides that sleep is unnecessary, and you need a nap! When you add space in your schedule, you stop pressuring yourself to constantly be on the go… and life feels a lot less stressful.

3. Love your Morning!

For years, I tried to put stuff in my morning routine that "everyone" (online gurus, mostly) said I needed to do. If you’re not enjoying the start of each day, you’re probably going to dread it! That is NO way to live! Now: I’m not saying you should never do things that you don’t like first thing in the morning... but I am suggesting this: Start your day with at least a half hour of things that are joyful, and life-giving. There is nothing better than enjoying every day... so start with that!


When life gets stressful, living intentionally is NOT just a pipe dream… in fact, that's when being intentional matters the most!

I would love to hear from you: Are you going to try #1, #2, or #3 first?


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