3 Ways to STOP getting Distracted.


It's REALLY HARD to live intentionally right now. There are so many new things that weren't a part of our life a few weeks ago! It's lonely, exhausting, busy, stressful… you name it, we've all felt it.

We are juggling ALL. THE. THINGS. 

One of the biggest obstacles to living intentionally is DISTRACTIONS. And… there are a LOT of distractions right now!
So what can we do to live intentionally — in the middle of all the mess?


3 Ways to STOP getting Distracted.

Here are 3 ways to help you STOP getting distracted!
  • Get SUPER CLEAR on what's distracting you.
    I know… there's a LOT right now. Grab your journal or a piece of paper, and write down what's taking up your time. I've found that when you really stop and think about it, there are often things that you're giving your time to that aren't first priority (like answering a text as soon as it comes in!).
  • Get SUPER CLEAR on what kind of life you want.
    Yes, I just wrote that down. Even here, you can decide what kind of life you want! It's not that hard: just imagine what you want to FEEL while you're navigating this new season of life. Do you want to feel peaceful? Well-rested? Energetic and full of ideas?
  • Prioritize what's Important.
    So: it might not feel possible… but it is. Honestly, a LOT of what's going on has kind of stripped our lives back to the absolute essential. But if you're still struggling with getting distracted, then you might need to make an "Eliminate" list.
Are you still struggling? 💔 I'm here to listen, and would LOVE to chat with you! Just leave a comment below. ❤️


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