5 Tips to help you choose One Word for the New Year.


Hey friend, do you make New Year's Resolutions? Actually… here's a better question:

Do you KEEP your New Year's Resolutions?

Yeah. Me neither. I go into the New Year with such high hopes, only to realize half-way through January that I can't do ALL THE THINGS. And if you DO attempt to do all the things, you usually fizzle out. Amiright?

New Year's Resolutions are complicated and stressful. 

So when I heard of "Word of the Year" awhile ago, I was instantly curious. I looked it up as soon as my Mom mentioned it, and this is what I learned:

Instead of writing a huge list of things to do, you pick ONE word.

That's it. One word to help guide your actions, goals, and motivations for an entire year. 

5 Tips to help you choose One Word for the New Year.

On the podcast this week, I shared the words I've chosen from 2014 until now. And if you're intrigued and ready to pick a word for 2020, keep on scrolling, 'cause I'm sharing 5 tips to help you choose One Word for the New Year!

1. Think about what you want to next year to feel like.

Grab your journal, girl! (I mean… you KNEW that was coming, right?) Think about what you want 202 to feel like, look like, the things you want to experience. Don't over-think it, just DUMP everything that comes to mind when you think about 2020! (Also, do NOT read over what you've written! I'm getting to that)

2. Look at your writing for common themes.

Look back over your writing and find a common theme! This is SUPER cool - often you'll see a word just pop up over and over again in what you just wrote… and you didn't even realize you wrote it that many times! That *might* be your word!

5 Tips to help you choose One Word for the New Year. 

3. Pray about it.

I'm a Jesus-girl, so I usually start my word-picking process here. Often I'll notice a word that keeps popping up over and over again. I'll hear it in songs, see it on Pinterest… I take the repetitiveness as a sign!


4. Make sure it's positive!

After telling someone about One Word at the beginning of this year, she let me see her illustrated page she made in her bullet planner. I noticed that she had initially chosen a negative word. When I looked at everything she had wrote about it, I noticed a word that kept popping up again and again that was ACTUALLY her 2019 Word, and it was MUCH more positive!

5. Use a thesaurus.

Sometimes I'll think the word is right, but I'm not quite sure about it… That's when the good ole' thesaurus comes in handy! I head to thesaurus.com and look for synonyms of the word(s) I'm mulling over. Sometimes it shows a word that makes more sense — or that sounds prettier! 

5 Tips to help you choose One Word for the New Year.

Are you ready to take your Word of the Year" to a whole new level? Here are a few more Bonus tips!

Pray for a matching Bible verse (if that's your thing)!

I started asking God for a verse that matched my Word a few years ago. And WOW, what a gift! I've prayed for (and found one!) since 2016, and have illustrated them all in my Bible. 

Illustrate/letter your word.

I also illustrate a page of my new bullet planner every year. It's a way to keep my word visible and it's just plain fun! It's also a way for me to jot down the thoughts and ideas I have around my Word in anticipation of the new year!

Get a custom necklace or bracelet with your Word on it!

I am SO excited to offer you these simple pieces of bar jewelry! They are sterling silver, and fully customizable to your word! (Unless it's SUPER long! You can't use Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 😆) Just write your word you would like in the "notes" section during checkout. 


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