A Sneak Peek of the Chasing Wonderment Podcast!

Hello, friend! 

The first of August is getting closer and closer... and I can't WAIT. 🙊 I've already got the first few episodes recorded and ready to share with you.

And I thought you might enjoy a little sneak peek! 😍

What do you think? Does it get you a little bit more excited?!  

(It makes my arm hair stand on end... 😂 so strange to hear my own voice!)
IF you're super excited about this podcast, and IF you have a few friends who you think might enjoy it, I would love for you to share the news of the podcast! Hearing about a good podcast is usually spread by word-of-mouth, and I hope to spread the encouragement as MUCH as possible. 😍
(Especially as we get closer to August 1st!)

So here are a few ways to share this podcast:

  • Invite them to join the CW newsletter!
    Copy & Paste the link below, then share it through e-mail, or on your social media! If your friends join they'll get the same updates you do. 🤗 


  • Share the Introduction Clip directly onto your social media account!
    Click the link below, you'll go directly to the sound clip on YouTube. There's a "share" button below the video — you share the clip on your Facebook, and a whole bunch of other social media sites! 😎



Thanks for getting the word out about the podcast!
I can't WAIT to talk to you in person on August 1st. ☺️

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