Announcing: The Chasing Wonderment PODCAST.


Hello, dear friend!!! 

(I've been DYING to share this news with you.)

So... I'm a TALKER. (Just ask Alex! 😂) I get super animated and excited, and love to share whatever new idea or thought I have floating in my head. I've honestly struggled with blogging, trying to find my footing, and it's hard for me to share my enthusiasm on "paper." (There are only so many times you can use exclamation points and emojis! 😂)

I've also dreamed of being a public speaker for YEARS. I can't think of anything more exciting that standing up in front of a crowd, trying to encourage them to live well and chase after wonderment. 😍 

Last week, I was sitting at a coffee shop with a friend a few weeks ago talking about All The Things. And she mentioned the idea of me starting a podcast. I got really excited and nervous all at the same time, so I went home and wrote some ideas down.

And started praying. Within a few days I had my answer, a whole list of episode ideas, and a fancy microphone dug out of my old music supplies.



Chasing Wonderment Podcast

SO. Here's what I've got planned (so far): 

➢ The first podcast should launch date on August 1st. 

The first few episodes are going to share my heart behind Chasing Wonderment, and a little bit of my own journey. I hope you'll enjoy hearing my voice more often (and who knows... Maybe I'll add video eventually, too?)


➢ The podcasts will be available on Wednesdays.


Because I often feel like I could REALLY use a pep-talk half-way through my week. I've either had a rough start to my week, and really need a "let's get up and try again" kind of speech, or it's been an amazing week, and I'm looking for inspiration to keep the awesomeness going. 


I would LOVE to hear from you!


What do you think about the podcast? 


What is ONE THING you wish you could hear on a tough day (or week)? (A "you can do this" pep talk? A little tough love?)


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