Dear Body,

Live Well.

Dear Body, I'm SUPER proud of you.

Dear Body, 

I am SUPER proud of you. For carrying and birthing 2 babies in 14 months. For keeping me alive. For fighting to get healthy again. For holding onto all that extra weight, because you knew I wasn't healthy inside. For letting go of it now that it's the right time. For the stretch marks, my Momma-stripes that remind me of how you stretched to make room for two inside babies. For every bit of extra fluff that makes me a little bit softer and squishier and just right for lots of snuggly hugs. 


Dear Mind,

I'm so thankful for you. For the times you tried to warn me that something wasn't quite right. For thinking outside of the box, and searching for healing in unconventional ways. For struggling and never giving up hope in God, even when everything felt awful. For learning how to fight. For getting stronger. For choosing to focus on the good, for learning how to deal with the bad.

Today, #chasingwonderment looks like this. Stretching on my mat, and realizing how grateful I am for everything God has brought me through (so far). For everything I've learned (so far).


#chasingwonderment is...


What does Chasing Wonderment look like for you today?

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