Don't You DARE Give Up.


I know you’re tired. Emotionally exhausted from giving your all. Physically wiped from the sleepless nights. You wonder if it’s worth it – your big dream, that college degree, the dream job. I mean… you’re CRAZY-passionate about it, but even passion can wane when you’re soul-weary.

Friend… I am here to tell you:

Don't You DARE Give Up.

Don’t give up on your dreams, your passions, on your mission in this life. We have all been given gifts that are ours to share… and this world NEEDS you. Desperately. It needs your ability to crunch numbers. Your ability to raise those sweet babies, so that she can change the world one day. It needs your ability to create, to inspire, to love.

See, I don’t believe that God makes mistakes.

He knew you before you were born, and He knows you are the girl for the job. Don’t let go of your dreams to stay comfortable or to live an “okay” life. You can change the world. You can make a difference. Friend, you can bless others, live whole, or chase after the dream that is deep in your soul.

Don't you DARE Give Up.

Stand your ground, girl. Don’t let the haters, critics, or the lies you’ve believed in the past hold you back any more. Don’t listen to the voice that says you’re not good enough, or your work isn’t important enough. The voice that says the anxiety or depression is going to win? Tell it to bug off and take one small step towards living well.

I am here to tell you that you ARE good enough. With your imperfections, your failures, and your doubts… YOU. ARE. GOOD. ENOUGH.

So: Take a small step forward. It might just be getting out of bed. Maybe you need to remember that those dirty dishes are feeding the next generation of game-changers. Maybe you need to get into that gym so that you can start moving your mountains. But no matter what…

Don't you DARE Give Up.


Do you need some more encouragement?

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