Three FALL Nail Polish Colors I'm OBSESSED With πŸ‚ (And you will be, too!)

You guys.Β 

Favorite Fall Nail Polish Colors

I'm SUPER excited about finding a nail polish that ACTUALLY stays put on my nails. I've been wearing it non-stop for a few weeks now.Β 

Side-note: I'm NOT what I would consider SUPER girly. I tried to be in high school, but my creativity has always won out β€” which meant that nail polish quickly got chipped because I work with my hands... A LOT.Β 

Add oily nails to the creativity, and I've had the perfect recipe for nails that just won't keep polish on. I've tried SO many different brands, bases, etc... but it always chips within a few hours of putting on, and I finally just gave up. πŸ™„

But then I found this stuff. 😱

It's Sally Hansen's "Miracle Gel" and it lasts... a whopping 3 days on my nails before it starts chipping. (GUYS. That's a record for me!)Β 


It doesn't take a special light to set it, either... so I didn't have to find extra space in my tiny cupboards for another beauty item. 😜 (An important perk when you live in an itty-bitty house! πŸ˜†)

Fall Nail Polish Colors

SO. I wanted to share a few of the colors I've tried in this polish β€” because I HAVE to share All The Things that make me happy. ☺️ 

This grey is my ALL-TIME FAVE. (It's called "Stilettos and Studs.") Seriously... what's better than something that will go with almost anything you wear? Depending on the lighting and what you're wearing, it can look a little purple... or more blue-grey. And it's got just a tiny bit of sparkle. ✨

Three Fall Nail Polish Colors

I also have this one... it's a gorgeous, shimmery coppery-gold (called "Terra Coppa") and it's perfect for special occasions, or whenever you want a little extra shine in your life. I like having a lighter color to wear, but often the light/tan/ivory colors don't look good against my (pale) skin. This coppery-gold has just enough color!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Terra Coppa

And "Wine Stock"Β is my newest shade. πŸ™Š Because, every girl's gotta have a gorgeous dark red, right? This shade is perfect for autumn, and I'll probably be using this one around Christmas-time, too! 😍

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Wine Stock


Tell me, what's YOUR favorite girly self-care splurge?Β 


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  • Emily on

    Essie – smokin’ hot nail polish. Stays on for days. Like your stilettos color, it has enough gray to match everything but with purple for happiness all around. (:

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