How I Keep Track of What's Important (+ My April Bullet Journal Layout!)


You guys. Bullet journaling has LEGIT changed my life. (Just ask Alex. 😂) I REALLY struggle with staying focused... I'm that person that goes to clean one thing, sees something else... goes to do take care of that... and two hours later I'm scrolling on Pinterest and totally forgot where I started. 🙄

I also REALLY struggle with consistency. Since I've been using my bullet journal, I've found ways to actually keep TRACK of what I'm doing, so I can check in on myself and make sure I'm being consistent with the things that matter the most to me. 🙌🏻

How I Keep Track of What's Important

I'm really amazed at how much better my consistency and focus has gotten since I started using this planning system. 😱 Lemme show you my April bullet journal layout - and why it's working SO well for me!

For this bullet journal, (I'm filling up my 4th now!) I've changed my calendar system up, an leave an entire page open for some creativity. I LOV having a place to design each month. 😍

On the other side, I keep track of the things I care about. Lemme break it down for you:

How I Keep Track of What's Important


  • At the top of the page are my Goals. This is where I write those BIG things that I absolutely have to get done by the end of the month. 

  • Next up, the section that says "Important Things". These are the five MOST important things to me in my life. At the end of the month, I look back and rate myself on how I think I'm doing. It's pretty eye-opening, let me tell you. 😳

  • Then I have a space for Successes. It's pretty easy to get down myself and think that I didn't accomplish a lot at the end of each month... until I started making space to celebrate the good things! This has helped me SO. MUCH. 🙌🏻

  • And at the bottom, I've got a spot saved for notes and ideas for the next month. It's nice to have a place reserved for things I know I can't get to right now!

  • Next up, my Habit Tracker! (on the far right of the page.) This is the COOLEST thing I have ever done, and I'm actually going to write a whole post on it, and on sticking with goals later this month. 😍 Every month I keep track of four things that matter to me a LOT - and it's AMAZING to see that progress stack up! Each day I put an "X" in the ones I accomplished. (When I first started doing this, the check marks beside "exercise" were SPARSE. Now that I'm over a year in, those X's are a LOT closer together!)

It has taken me over two years of bullet journaling to come up with this spread. I think the most interesting thing that happened this year is that I realized I wasn't tracking the things that I really cared about. I had a spot for social media stats, and a little tiny calendar for the next month (just to fill space!). But, I could really care LESS about how many followers I have. I care much more about how I'm able to help and encourage you! After I worked through a life audit at the beginning of 2019, I began to create this monthly layout!


I wanna know: Have you over thought about keeping track of what's important to you?


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  • Cindy on

    This is a great post! I have been using the bujo system for a little over two years and I am not sure how I survived without it!😊 Your page on goals, successes and important things is such a smart thing to do each month! Blessings to you!

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