How to change your Mindset.

The thoughts we think are SO important. They can literally shape the way we live our lives. 

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It's really easy to let our thoughts run wild. For the longest time, I didn't really think about it - I just thought that the things that ran through my mind were stuck there, until they magically disappeared.

But the bad ones would never seem to leave. The ones that told me that I'm not good enough. That I'm not skinny enough. That I'm too scatter-brained to find my own sense of organization and order.

➢ Until I learned how incredible our brains are. (Read this article!)

How to Change your Mindset

So... how do we actually CHANGE our Mindset?

The first step is to actually CATCH the lies.

You've got to actually REALIZE that your mindset isn't right. That you're believing a lie (or limiting belief) that's stopping you from moving forward. If we don't notice the lies we're hearing, we won't be able to change them! And... it's also the HARDEST part. I've found a really cool way to teach my brain to look for the lies I'm believing... and build up and encourage my friends at the same time!

*Now; I know as women, we all have things we hate about our bodies. It might be your thighs, that weird lump of armpit fat, or the way your arms look. And we've ALL sat around together complaining about it. We've all commiserated around cups of coffee, "laughing" about it together.


So... I started Encouraging (errr... calling out) my best friends. 😬

Because... I have NEVER noticed that thing they hate about themselves. And, because I believe that God doesn't make mistakes. So I've started stopping them mid-sentence, and responding to their poor mindset with straight-up truth.

    "GIRL. You are NOT a mistake." "Girl, you are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out...  and I love how your eyes sparkle when you're sharing about something you love!" Or, "I've SEEN how hard you've worked to be strong, and HEALTHY is VERY different than skinny!"

    Encouragement is never Wasted

    A funny thing happened when I started speaking truth into my friends: 

    They began to CHANGE.

    It was actually VISIBLE. 😱 If you take the time to speak truth into someone's life, you can actually see the change in their body language. It was AMAZING, like they began to transform right in front of me, to see themselves through a lens they hadn't tried before. 

    The thing I didn't expect?

    They began calling me out on my mindset issues, too.

    If I mentioned something about how I hadn't lost a pound after 8 months of working out, they began responding with "But you've gained a TON of muscle! You have so much more energy, and THAT'S the reason for getting fit, not the number on the scale!"

    There's a funny thing about encouragement: 

    It ALWAYS begets more encouragement. 

    I Challenge You to Try It.

    Speak truth into someone you love, and watch them closely! Watch the atmosphere the next time you hang out with them. Watch the dynamic in your friendship change.

    (I hope you'll come back and tell me what you experience! I'd love to hear what happens for you! 😊 Because... I'm nosy like that. 😆)

    The Next Step?

    You gotta work on the ROOTS.

    Every mindset issue has a lie buried deep inside, and sometimes it's not really easy to see at first. I actually have compiled a short workbook that's free to download if you would like! This is the method I use to find the roots of my own mindset issues.. and MAN, has it been an eye-opening!

    5 Steps to a Better Mindset

    And the LAST step to Changing your Mindset? 

    Speak the Truth to yourself. Over yourself. Speak words that are life-giving, and begin to flip the script that you're hearing in your brain. Whenever you hear those lies sneak up again, respond with TRUTH. Out loud. In the car. Write it in your journal... I don't care how you speak it, where you speak it... but you've GOT to start fighting lies with the TRUTH.


    Are you messy... Or are you Creative?

    Are you exhausted... Or are you Resilient? 

    Are you a failure... or are you PERSISTENT?


    And now, I wanna hear from you:

    What words will you speak over yourself today?

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