How to fight your Inner Critic.


Hey friend... do you have negative words that like to float around in your brain?  I know I sure do! 😒 I've been there SO often: I think about that big dream that I've hoped and wished for (like losing weight, or growing this community) and immediately hear:

"I could never do that." "I've failed at this before..." "What's the point?" "It hasn't worked so far."

Man... you too? 😩
Yeah, I think we're all there fairly often. We eat dessert on the diet, we get discouraged and skip the gym, we choose to ignore the daily tasks that will get us there... because they haven't added up to anything substantial to date. But it doesn't have to be this way.

The words we hear (on repeat!) inside our heads MATTER.

Because we're allowing them.

As a woman of faith, I believe that with God, ALL things are possible... So why do I get so discouraged? Why do I sitting despair when I believe that God can do ANYTHING?
Because the words I'm hearing are lies. From the enemy, from the inner "Mean Girl," "Negative Nancy" or your "Inner Critic". Whatever you want to call it - the negative things you hear in your head are NOT TRUE.
And because of the way our brains work, it's really important to find a way to get unstuck and start moving forward. And while I'm no mindset expert, I do know this:

Any time you try to STOP thinking a thought, it keeps coming back with a vengeance.

So...what do we do about the lies we hear in our heads?

In the past, I thought that I couldn't change the thoughts that ran through my noggin'. But I'm learning that I CAN. I can speak truth over the inner lies. I can replace the lie with TRUTH. 
Are you speaking truth over your life as often as you're hearing those lies? Are you responding and replacing those lies you hear with the truth? Like — actual, out loud truth?
I can't think of any better way to do this than to put the words we NEED to hear directly in front of us. As soon as you hear it, speak the truth out loud. Are you legs not your favorite part of you? Remind yourself that you were created with a purpose, and those legs help you get there.
Writing it down in your journal every morning. Teach your brain to take every thought captive, and stop those lies the moment they pop into your head. Write them on your mirrors, your phone screen... heck, maybe even your clothes. 🙊


➢ Do you believe that you're a failure... or that you have failed, and that makes you PERSISTENT?

Do you believe that you're too blunt... or that God made you BOLD?

Do you believe that you're too tired, because you've been through hell and back... or that you're RESILIENT?

Now I wanna hear from you: What word(s) will you speak over yourself today?

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