How to have an Intentional Summer: It all starts with DREAMING BIG! (+ 3 Steps to Figuring Out Your Dream Summer Season!)


I'm going to be talking a LOT about intentionality this month - because it's one of the MAIN things I'm focusing on in my own life right now! I know ALL too well that summer is coming quickly. We just paid Zeke's last tuition bill for his preschool and life as we've known it for 9 months is about to change. 

So I want to be REALLY purposeful about how we spend this summer. It's my last year with two kids at home almost full-time. It's our first year with kids instead of toddlers.

Real-life talk: I really struggle with living intentionally. I get side-tracked, off-track... completely lose the track all-together... 😂 

So how can we create a summer filled with intention?

We have to PLAN it. You have to set goals around that plan and stick to them. But you can't set goals without a plan...  And you can't plan unless you KNOW where you're heading.

Here's what I've learned:

How to have an intentional summer - It all starts with dreaming big + 3 steps to creating your dream summer


Your dream might be to create a multi-million dollar business, or learn to fly an airplane. Mine might be to simply remember to vacuum my floors and take the kids to the zoo once a month. 🙊 

How do we start this whole dreaming process?

  1. My first answer is (and always will be): WRITE.

    You've got to give yourself space to think. You've got to get all the thoughts out of your head. Imagine your ideal summer day, and let your mind go CRAZY. Imagine your ideal vacation, and write it out in GREAT detail. Who are you with? What are you doing? What does it smell like? Taste like? Where are you? When is it? Why are you there?

    These are the questions that ALL good dreams start with. Let your imagination go wild, and dream BIG dreams. I don't care if you write it down in a journal, in a list with bullet points, scribble it on sticky notes or doodle those dreams out... but get your brain working creatively. 😊

  2. Next up, REVIEW. 🤓

    Every time I do this, my brain explodes a little bit. Re-read your notes/lists/writing. Do you see a pattern? What's showing up and becoming REALLY obvious? Is there a vibe, or a word that keeps resurfacing?

    For me, I almost ALWAYS see the word "freedom" popping up over and over. See, freedom is REALLY important to me, and feeling trapped is a great way for me to be miserable. The last time I did this exercise, I realized that the word "Comfort" kept popping up, too. This was specifically related to the fact that I am learning that routines actually bring me and our family COMFORT. It's a relief to know that the groceries are already bought, and I don't have to worry about what we're eating for dinner. It's awesome to have that daily laundry load folded, and now I don't have to go digging for Sweet T's FAVORITE DRESS THAT SHE HAS TO WEAR before we leave for church on Sunday morning. 😂

  3. Don't rush this!!!

    This process isn't going to be a one-time thing. You're going to do it over and over again... especially if you want to make living Intentionally a lifestyle choice. Because... you're a HUMAN. And as long as you're a living, breathing person, you're changing. Always. Your desires, your needs, the things that are important to you: THEY ALL CHANGE.

    There's nothing wrong with that. It's supposed to happen. As we grow, some things become less important. Some things become more. I do this "dreaming" process at least 4 times a year... sometimes more!

How to have an intentional summer - It all starts with dreaming big + 3 steps to creating your dream summer

And... can give you ONE more bit of advice before you leave? 


Remember: This is YOUR DREAM.

Take the time to figure out what YOU would like in your life. If it doesn't make sense to someone else... well, I'm going to be writing about that later. But for now give yourself permission to dream about what it would look like to have YOUR dream summer. 

I'm NOT saying that you tell your family you're getting a ticket to Hawaii and never looking back. But what I AM saying is that we often put our own hopes, dreams, and desires through a filter of what's expected of us by others. We often parent based on the cultural norms. We run our marriage through a filter of what "other couples do."

This is your chance to let go of that filter.

Here's an example of a "filter":

I spent a LONG time lacking peace over my relationship with my Hubby. But when I began realizing that I was constantly putting our marriage through the filter of "what's normal" I began to let it go. I began to see that we aren't DESIGNED to have a "normal" relationship. Neither of us like traditional, 9-5 jobs. Neither of us like the status quo. We've made an unusual, out-of-the-box lifestyle WORK... because we were willing to let go of the filters.

 So, how about you?

Are you a Bis Dreamer? 😍 Share in the comments below!

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