How to live Intentionally with your Calendar.


It's really hard to live intentionally when our calendar is full-to-bursting. (NOTE: I'm not saying it's impossible! I'm saying it's HARD.) I used to SERIOUSLY struggle with this. See; I had a REALLY bad habit of saying "yes" to things that didn't serve me or my family in the long run. Of saying yes of out guilt or feeling like I "should." Of saying "yes" because it's "what I'm supposed to do."

NONE of this things are good reasons to say yes.

So I want to dig into what it means for me to live intentionally with my calendar (and give you a few tips to start working on yours!) 

First off... our family lives a VERY busy life. Alex works a ton, and I'm a stay-at-home-mom, run a business, help out at our church, AND am starting a non-profit. YEAH.

So... how can we live intentionally with our calendars?

  1. You Need to SEE it All.

    This is a scary part. 😳 Grab a piece of paper and start WRITING, girrrll! 😆What are you obligated to do? What's coming up in your life? Are there parties, things you've been asked to do, etc? Do you have to take kids to events? Write EVERYTHING down.

  2. Write down the things that you WANT to do.

    Now... grab a second piece of paper, and write down everything you WANT to do. Yeah... even going to Italy. 🙊 Do you need time for the gym? Self-Care? A bath 3 nights a week? Coffee dates with friends? What are the things that you always say "you'll get around to" but never actually do?

  3. Identify the Essential.

    Now comes the good part... check out that first list. Is there anything on it that you can get rid of? Are there things you said "yes" to because you felt like you had to? 

    NOW... Please hear me; you cannot go through this list and decide you need to quit your job. 😂 Sometimes we have to stick with things... there are certain obligations that we can't just stop automatically. For example:

    I said yes to taking over teaching Sunday School at our church a long time ago. I was happy to help out when they needed it, but I knew it wasn't where God wanted me. I finished out the few months that I was obligated to teach, and then worked towards saying "yes" to the ministries that I know I'm called to. ☺️

How to live intentionally with your Calendar

I would encourage you to think through these lists REALLY well. Often, we're saying yes out of place of guilt or we feel pressured, and that means that we're not really giving our BEST yes... and we're not going to enjoy our days if we're working through a calendar based on guilt or things we're "supposed to do."

Please hear me: Guilt & pressure AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH REASONS. 

Friend... Saying our BEST yes means that we can actually serve those we love better... and LIVE better! 🙌🏻 

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