How to make Time for what's important.


It can be really hard to make space for the bigger things in life. The important things, the necessary things, and the things we WANT to tuck into our lives. Things like making time for our health, self-care, and taking a vacation or a day trip. They often get crowded out by the "have-to-do's" like our daily chores, our work, and the things other people ask us to do.

How to make time for what's important

What's even harder is finding space for those really important things in an already full calendar! So today... 

I've got a few tricks for tucking those REALLY important things into your calendar...

  1. Write them all down!

    You've got to create a list! What are the things you HAVE to do? What things do you WANT to do? Is there anything you've always said you want to do, but just never get around to them? (Like working out, or making more space for visiting an older family member!)

  2. Make them a priority.

    If you want to do something, you've got to make it a priority. I'm learning that exercising needs to be as habitual as brushing my teeth. That trip to the zoo or aquarium with the kids needs to be ON THE CALENDAR. If there's something you've always meant to do... write it happen!

  3. Talk to the people involved!

    If you're wanting to go on a vacation, you can't spring that on your Hubby the week before you leave! 😂 This is a great time to let the people in your life know what you're planning. Talk to them! Ask them for help! Tell them what you need... get the people in your life involved!

  4. Say "NO" to the good things - so you can say "YES!" to the GREAT things. 

    Sometimes we have a bad habit of saying "Yes" to too many things. Sometimes they are things we shouldn't have said "yes" to at all. Sometimes, they are GOOD things - but they're not GREAT (for us). If there is ANYTHING on your schedule that you can get rid of without breaking a promise - it's time to say NO. (And I would encourage you to really think through saying your yes next time someone asks, too!)

 I hope this helps you start to create space for the GREAT things in your life... what are you going to add in to your calendar over the summer?

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