How to Plan for the Holidays when You're an Unorganized Hot Mess.


Important timestamps from this episode: 

2:48 — Planning is making sure that you get to do the important stuff of life.

3:44 — You have to plan FOR, and plan WITH flexibility.

3: 58 — Test out different methods of planning until you find one that works for you!

5:13 — When you think of things you want to do/add in your calendar/etc, write it down immediately.

6:16 — Sit down and write a LIST of what you want or need to do as you're coming into the next holiday.

7:22 — Figure out WHEN and WHERE you'll need help!

8:30 — ASK FOR HELP.

11:54 — Put the BIG stuff on your calendar/schedule.

13:34 — Plan for "White Space"

And if you want gentle accountability and a planning support-system, CLICK HERE! 

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