How to Simplify Your Life.


Have you ever looked at the mountain of stuff on your to-do list, and thought “OH MY GOSH, I don’t even know where to start.”⁠
Giiirrl… ME TOO.
After the initial “To-Do List Freak-Out," my brain usually goes on over-load, and I end up binging on Netflix and getting absolutely NOTHING done.
How to Simplify Your Life.
But... life doesn’t have to be like that. A few years ago, I started simplifying life — from a place of desperation, honestly. I was sick, dealing with depression, and beyond overwhelmed.

So I taught myself how to simplify.

It was like a breath of fresh air. I had space to think, rest, and really LIVE.
If you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed or stressed out… it might time to Simplify.  But… HOW?! I mean… life is stressful, and busy... there are people to see, and places to go.

I started SIMPLY.

(Hahaha... see what I did there?) But I bet you're hoping for some more specific steps on how to simplify, so here’s a good list!
3 Steps Simplify Your Life.

How to Simplify your Life:

Start with the most OBVIOUS.

For me, the biggest stressor was my health. I was SO sick, and I started by taking naps. Lots and LOTS of naps. If I was tired, I napped. If I had a headache, I napped. I knew my body was telling me I needed more rest, so I decided to actually listen. 

Declutter Something.

I started with our kid’s toys. We live in a 750 sq. ft. home with four people… It. Is. Tiny. (Here’s the story of our tiny home!) The extra happy meal / dollar store toys? Gone. The extra craft papers and toys the kids had outgrown? Gone. The peace I gained from less stuff was unbelievable, and our kids played better, too.

Let Go of Guilt.

Have you ever said “Yes” to something, even though you didn’t want to do it? Even though you knew it wasn’t a good idea? Even though you knew it would cause tension, anxiety, or more stress? I was the QUEEN of the Guilt Yes, and I’m here to tell you: You, too, can learn to say No. It’s possible! And what’s more: Saying NO is Essential to living a simple life. (I have a LOT more to say on this subject… read that here)
Guess what happens when you start to simplify your life? 

Everything feels So Simple.

Guaranteed. (NOTE: I didn’t say “easier”. Simple Living isn’t a fix-all for stress in your life. But it sure-as-heck does help!) These days, I rarely go to bed feeling like a Hot Mess. And that's a really good feeling.

What's your first step to simplify your life?

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