How to Start Living Intentionally.

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I know how difficult it can be to live with purpose. I get distracted by text messages when I should be writing, or play a game instead of washing the dishes. Watch a few too many episodes on Netflix instead of being intentional about spending time with Alex. It's easy to get side-lined, whether by social media, or every new idea that pops into your head.

The problem with living intentionally isn't the things that distract us, instead it's that we allow them to steer us off our course. I'm not saying we can't ever do stuff to chill out or unwind! But... I am saying that it's good to take a few steps back and really have a good close look at our lives — and what we're doing with them. 

How to Start Living Intentionally.

In an effort to live more intentionally, I've created a guide called "Chase Your Wonderment." It's a simple workbook that can help you refocus when you get off center. (It also helps give you focus when you're not sure where you want to go next!) Each page has a question or idea that will get you thinking — with plenty of room to scribble down answers. 

You can grab your own copy (for FREE!) by clicking the picture below! This guide isn't super-fancy. It's just a tool to help you figure out where you're going in life — and I hope it will help you stay on course and get you there with joy. 😍

Chase Your Wonderment: A Guide to embracing life with intentionality.

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