How to Stop Being Inconsistent.


Have you ever tried to be consistent at something (a diet, or maybe folding a load of laundry every day?), and then... FAILED?

If you struggle with consistency, then you've probably felt like a failure in MANY areas of your life. You might even feel like you "yo-yo" a ton. And the MAIN reason for that is because you're not leaving space for….


Wait… what? Yes... I did just write that.

How do you start over after being Inconsistent?

How to Start Over after being Inconsistent.

If you aren't naturally consistent, your tendency is probably to draw a black-and-white line your head. Once you've "failed", there's NO POINT in carrying on, right? You messed up, everything is awful, so, what's the point? Alright, Eeyore. Hang with me. 

If you're hanging on to that black-and-white idea of consistency, you're not giving yourself GRACE for the times when you WILL be inconsistent.

(Note, I didn't say "if," I said "WILL.")

Friend, you have to leave space for… LIFE. Life is messy and imperfect. It's not black-and-white. It's complicated. 

If you struggle with being consistent, you're going to KEEP struggling... until you give yourself the grace to realize that consistency doesn't mean perfection. It means HARMONY.

How to Start Over after being Inconsistent.

So: How do you start over after you being Inconsistent? 

1. Change your definition of Consistency.

Redefining consistency is a GAME-CHANGER. I wrote about it in this blog postRedefining consistency has changed the way I view my own "failures," the way I talk to myself… AND the way I get back up again after a failure. (I don't even consider them failures any more… it's just a natural part of the ebb and flow of life.)

2. Allow Grace for Inconsistency.

Friend, you need to change the way you talk to yourself. PLEASE. The more you tell yourself you're a failure, the more you'll believe you are a failure. Your mindset is SO incredibly important, and it can make-or-break your desire for consistency. The next time you "fail," remind yourself of the reasons you weren't consistent. Maybe you had a migraine, or your kids were extra-needy. 

3. Create a "Come-back Plan."

When you struggle with consistency, it's easy to just "give up." (Especially if you have a pattern of inconsistency.). This is why you probably feel like a yo-yo. Constantly trying and failing, trying and failing. You're not actually failing! You just need a good come-back plan. Think about what motivates you, what you want to be consistent in, and WHY. Then write down an actual PLAN to test out so you get back on your feet quicker next time. 

Are you ready to get consistent? In this PDF book you'll learn how to create consistency (including come-back plan!)


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