How we bought our first home Debt Free!


I don't know if you've heard my mention our tiny little house. So, for those of your who don't know: We live in a 750 square foot, one story home. It's TINY — especially for four people, two being VERY active kids. (Who am I kidding... we're all hyperactive around here! 😂)
What's more, we bought and renovated our first house DEBT FREE. Yes, you heard that right. (That's only possible because Alex is great with money! Hopefully I'll get him on the podcast so we can glean some long-term-planning wisdom. 😊)

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And, in case you're wondering WHY I'm sharing this story: This entire experience was a HUGE lesson to me in chasing BIG dreams. (and being willing to work hard to get to them.)
I've never been good at saving, and if something's tough I've been known to give up instead of pushing through. Working through these HARD things has taught me SO much about being purposeful in every area of life! I hope it inspires you to NOT give up on your own crazy dreams. ❤️
How we bought our first home debt free

So, let’s start at the beginning:

(A very good place to start... 🎶

It all started with a dream... one of those big, scary, Almost-Impossible kind of dreams:

We wanted to buy our first home without debt.

Alex had been diligently saving for this since he was a kid, but even with what he'd saved — it would take a MIRACLE. We scoured real-estate websites and craigslist, hoping to come across some kind of gem. Most of the time, we didn’t find anything. We thought we’d hit gold at one point. Thankfully, we looked into the real-estate website, which wasn’t reputable at ALL.
We continued to hope, dream, and try to add funds to Alex's hard-earned nest-egg. (Which is not easy to do when you’re living on one income.) One day, he told me about a small piece of land that was just a few minutes from town, owned by people he knew through work. He said he might see if they were interested in selling.
We went to see the land, and as soon as we stepped on to the property, we felt like we belonged there. The project would be DAUNTING, that was sure... so I wasn't sure if it was intuition or just being excited about the possibility that our dream might become a reality!
As it turned out, they were thinking of selling. For TWICE what we could afford. 😳 We quickly said “no,” and that was that. I continued to hopefully browse the internet, and we kept on dreaming. 
Fast-forward a few months: One of the property owners walked in Alex's work. He mentioned a price... a good price. I mean; a really, REALLY good price. It was So. Close. to what we had saved. Could we somehow come up with some extra money? Or maybe we shouldn’t... after a week, we had *almost* decided to say yes.

Alex was at work when he got another (miraculous!) phone call. 😱

The kind of phone call that knocks your socks off. The owners had decided on a DIFFERENT price. We hadn't asked them to come down any more, or tried to negotiate terms.

It was EXACTLY what we had saved.

It was exactly HALF of what they had originally told us.

Yeah, I still get goosebumps. About a month later, we were seated at a long, fancy table in a big room. It felt surreal. We sat across from three brothers, and a very nice lawyer. Papers were signed, and we walked out owning an acre of land.
We didn’t care about the amount of work we had ahead of us. (There was a LOT.) We didn't care about the state of the property and house. (It was in disrepair.)

We just saw the potential.

Our family and friends thought we were NUTS.

(Spoiler Alert: We ARE nuts. 😂)

You'll have to see it to understand why:

How we bought our first home debt free

Yes. This was the state of our home when we bought it. The weeds were so tall, we should’ve baled them and made a little extra money. 😂 A friend was kind enough to help Alex chop down the overgrown weeds, which uncovered a yard FULL of trash! 😳
About a month after we closed on the property, I had a surprise “birthday party” for Alex and invited all of our friends coming over to help clean up the property. They donned gloves, brought food, and merrily dug through garbage, and tore down old animal pens. There were LOTS of jokes, and we laughed at their expressions when we showed them inside our "new house."
How we bought our first home debt free
It was Alex's dream birthday celebration. (Seriously - I've never seen him so excited!) 😜 And yes... our friends are REALLY good sports!
How we bought our first home debt free
After that day, the property itself seemed a lot more manageable. The next thing to tackle was the house. Should we just tear it down (like everybody was suggesting)... or did we dare attempt to renovate?
How we bought our first home debt free

Find out what we did in Part 2! 🙊

Do you want to stay hyper-focused on reaching YOUR big (crazy) dreams? This journal page is something I use every morning to keep me on track - it's a game-changer that helps you live every day on purpose! 😱

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