How we do Christmas in a Tiny House - Episode 42


Important timestamps:

0:33 - We keep Christmas Minimal for a Reason...
1:10 - I know what it feels like to be stressed by this season.
2:41 - Living small really makes you live more intentionally
3:13 - Christmas brings STUFF.
3:27 - K.I.S.S. Method
3:50 - We keep our stuff to a Minimum.
5:00 - How we handle TOYS during Christmas
10:12 - I will still be minimal, even if we get a bigger house!
11:39 - What we do with Presents
13:41 - How we handle Decor
16:34 - There is so much Beauty in Simplicity
19:53 - What Christmas is Really about.


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Allie Casazza - (You NEED to be following her!!!) 

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