How we renovated our home Debt Free!


Hey there friend! Before we get started... have you read Part 1 yet? If not... you kinda need to hear the Miracle story of how we bought our little house (and see the "before" photos 😳)!

 Pefer to listen? Click below!

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After getting the property cleaned up, we had a really big decision to make. We could renovate the existing house that was on the property... or we could tear it down and start from scratch. The only issue with the second option was that we didn't have money to buy or build a new house. Our savings had bought the property.

Alright...Renovate it is, then. 😜

The front view of the house was... a bit frightening.

How we renovated our home Debt Free!

In fact, ALL the views of the house were frightening. 😳 It was originally a WWII supply house/barracks that was moved to the property after the war (how cool is that?!). We began dreaming... and then we went to work. (Mostly, Alex went to work while I watched. 😬 And delivered sweet tea.)

Here are some pictures of the house right after we started demo. I wish I had pictures BEFORE they started removing the furniture!

How we renovated our home Debt Free!

What would become the kid's room… just wait till you see an "after" picture! 😍

How we renovated our home Debt Free!

I love this vintage wallpaper we found behind a layer of wallboard.

How we renovated our home Debt Free!

Family and friends dropped in, shook their heads in horror, and left. Some brave folks offered to help, and usually went home exhausted and grubby. Alex brought some frightening looking laundry home every night. 😂

For months, we ate dinner at 11 at night (Thank goodness Hardees is open 24/7 👌🏻). We would crash in bed at around midnight, and start over the next day. Alex was working full-time, and I was busy building a business and raising babies. We were tired, but HAPPY. 

How we renovated our home Debt Free!

We had to renovate EVERYTHING. Think about the houses you've seen Chip & Joanna renovate... ours was WORSE. 😂 Finally, we started to see progress. The outside of the house got a face-lift.

A bunch of people helped us put on a new roof and "new" siding. (we pulled the siding off an old house that was getting torn down!) 

How we renovated our home Debt Free!

The underside got a butt-lift (gee, I think I’d like one of those 😆!) with new insulation & a cleaner crawlspace ... and the inside? Well, it got a WHOLE lotta love.

How did we pay for all the renovations?

The short answer: with CASH.

The long answer?

It. Took. Almost. FOUR. YEARS. 😳

Alex did odd jobs to make extra money after work. We also had TWO babies during these renovations, so the budget got even TIGHTER! We scrimped and saved, bought supplies as we went along... and lemme tell ya: it was TOUGH.

It was the hardest, most satisfying, most AMAZING lesson I've ever gotten in sticking with something worthwhile. And I've gotta tell you: it was TOTALLY worth it!. 


Find out what we did next in Part 3! 😍

Hey there... do you struggle with staying present and focused in your everyday life? ME TOO! And reaching a BIG goal (like getting debt-free!) needs a stick-to-it kinda strength. This journaling process has been a GAME CHANGER for me! It's seriously changed the way I approach every single day... and I know it'll make a huge difference to you, too. 


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    I LOVED this series the first time and even more now! thanks for the repost!!

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