Your Mindset affects your Consistency.


I used to believe I was AWFUL at consistency. I said things like "I'm such a Hot Mess." and " I suck at consistency!" I really, TRULY believed that I couldn't be consistent.

Here's the truth:

Your Mindset affects your Consistency. 

Your THOUGHTS create your EMOTIONS, which create your ACTIONS.

In other words:

It's hard to be consistent when you believe CAN'T be consistent.

(See the word "believe"? It's a MINDSET issue.)

Your Mindset affects your Consistency.

So… how can you change what you believe about consistency?

1. LEARN how your brain works.

The simplest way to explain this is that each time you have a thought, it creates a small path in your brain. (Like a little garden pathway.) And each time you think the same thought, that path gets bigger — and it can become a HIGHWAY in your brain. This is a MAJOR problem if you have lots of negative thoughts swirling around in your head! (Learn more about this by taking the Mindset 101 Workshop!)

2. Change WHAT you tell yourself. 

STOP. Stop saying you can't be consistent. Stop saying you're a "Hot Mess" or that you can never "get it all together." JUST STOP! Eliminate the negative wording you're speaking to yourself, and...

3. REPLACE the negative with positive.

Start speaking GOOD NEWS over yourself! If you catch yourself saying something negative, stop mid-sentence and replace it with something good. Sometimes I'll just remind myself that it ISN'T true, that I can be consistent. Sometimes if I'm not feeling that confident I'll just say I can LEARN consistency and leave it at that.

Do you want to learn more about consistency?

You can learn how to create consistency — in a way that works for YOU — for less than $20. 




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