I can't wait to share this News with you!

Hey there, friend! 

So... I've been planning out a new idea for Chasing Wonderment. It's a pretty scary place for me to be, honestly... because these changes are part of a bigger dream that I've had for YEARS. Before I tell you about it, though, I want to share a little bit behind the scenes.

I've been feeling disconnected from you guys. Wishing I had a way to connect with you in a more personable way, but since we're scattered all over the globe, still online. I've thought about starting a forum ( 90's kid here! 😂), or building a Facebook group. But I wasn't coming up with any ideas that made me jump up and down with joy.

BIG Changes for Chasing Wonderment!

Until this new idea. A friend mentioned it to me, and two days later I had already started planning. After sharing it with a few other close friends, (and praying about it!) it was pretty clear that this new direction is where I'm supposed to be heading.

Have you ever had one of those "Scary-Good" moments? It's SO good that you're bouncing off the walls, but it also feels SUPER-scary, and your heart kinda wobbles a little bit when you think about it. 😬 Yep. That's where I'm at right now. 😂 #alltheemotions

BUT. I'm not quite ready to announce it yet! I'm still in the background working on preparations, writing, editing and re... oops! I almost gave it away there. 🙊

So... in just a few days, you'll be hearing from me again... with a SUPER special announcement! And if you want to hear the news TOMORROW: sign up for the Chasing Wonderment Newsletter!


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You'll be hearing more about this SOON! 😉


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