Is your Calendar stressing you out?


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Hey girl… I'm gonna guess if you clicked this blog post open, you're dealing with an insane, stressful calendar. You might be waking up to things you've committed to that you don't want. You've wished you could cancel an obligation… but you feel too guilty.

WHY do our calendars stress us out?

Is your Calendar stressing you out?

  • First up: Unforeseen circumstances.

Someone gets sick, someone you care about needs something urgently, or you have a series of appointments you weren't expecting! Often there isn't anything you can do about this…
But you CAN clear your calendar to make some extra room during the time that you'll be taking care of whatever is going on. 
  • Oops — You double-booked!

Girl, if you've ever done this — you are NOT alone. 🙈 I've double-booked more times than I can count. Since I'm not naturally organized, something is always bound to fall through the cracks.
I usually try to figure out which one I committed to first - but I also factor in the people I've said yes to. If it's something very important vs. a coffee date with my bestie… chances are my girl will understand the need to reschedule!
  • You WANT to say yes to the awesome stuff!

Now, there's NOTHING wrong with having a good time… but when ten friends all want to hang out in the same week, and I want to squeeze in a shopping trip, a date night, and ALL THE THINGS… it might be time to spread out the fun. (And for those of us fun-loving people, that's easier said than done.)
Along these same lines… stuff always seems to come in "clumps" doesn't it? It's frustrating for those of us who aren't naturally gifted in organization and scheduling! When this happens, I try to schedule activities with some space in between. 
  • You've said TOO MANY YES-ES.

Okay. This is the one I really want to dig into. How many times have people asked you to do something and you literally GROAN inwardly — but you say yes anyways? This is a PROBLEM. A LOT of us are natural-born people-pleasers, and it is NOT a healthy way to live. (I speak from experience!) SO, from one people-pleaser to another:

It's time to learn how to say NO. 


Does any of this sound like you? If so… then I've got something REALLY  to tell you:

I'm teaching a free workshop called "How to Say NO."

See; I had NO CLUE that I needed to learn how to say no! It never crossed my mind that I was terrible at it, so instead I felt stressed, guilty, and overwhelmed for years. Well, I've since learned how to say no, and I've created a free workshop for other people-pleasers (just like me)!

"How to Say No" is designed to give you the tools so you can make decisions that:

➢ You don't feel guilty over

➢ That you won't regret

➢ And that help you clear your calendar with confidence. 



Before you go, I would LOVE to hear from you:

Have you ever felt guilty for saying no? (or stressed out over decision-making?) How did you deal with it?


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