Is your To-Do list Overwhelming? Here's how to prioritize your time and to-do list.


I've been chatting with some of the ladies in the Wonderment Community, and a LOT of them are struggling with prioritizing their time & to-do lists! I totally know how that feels — because I've been there too! (All too often!)

Girl, you aren't the only one struggling with prioritizing! It's not easy to figure out what's the most important… especially when your to-do list is full to the max, and your calendar feels like it might explode.

Here's the truth in a Nutshell:

You can LEARN to prioritize your Time & your To-Do List(s)!

I spent a long time struggling with my task list and trying to figure out what to get done first… all the while, wrestling with new commitments and priorities that were coming my way.

A friend would call and ask to meet up for coffee, the laundry was a literal mountain, and I'd get an emergency text from my hubby asking me to do something. Oh... I also had two kids that basically never stop needing snacks… and did I mention the business work and the blogging? That doesn't even cover self-care basics!


What's a girl to do? 

I've learned a thing or two about prioritizing my time in the past few years… and it's been a game-changer for my entire life! Here are a few reasons why you're struggling to prioritize your time (or energy/to-do lists/etc):

You want to make everyone happy.

Hey-o… Recovering People-Pleaser right here! I used to drop EVERYTHING to answer the phone, to text back, or do whatever it was that someone wanted me to do. (Read more about People-pleasing here!) When I began to learn how to get clear on my own values, I began to see just how much time and effort I was putting into things that weren't important to me. Which leads me to point #2:

You don't have boundaries.

You are NOT alone if you're struggling with boundaries! The thing with people-pleasing is that's it's all muddled in with boundaries. And, boundaries are REALLY hard to set if you're not 100% clear on your values. I keep a list of 5 things that are the MOST IMPORTANT to me… that list has helped me set boundaries better than anything else I've tried!

You don't know what to prioritize first!

When your to-do list is overflowing, it's REALLY hard to just "pick" something. It's really hard to narrow down on what's the most important when it ALL feels important! When I'm having trouble prioritizing my to-do list, it's usually because I'm lacking Clarity. I'm not sure WHAT I should be focusing on, so I float around the house and stress over the list and accomplish… NOTHING. 


So… How in the HECK are you supposed to prioritize your time? 

Is your To-Do list Overwhelming? Here's how to prioritize your time and to-do list.

First up,

1. You have to know What's Important (to you!):

It's time to get really, REALLY clear on what's important! This is part of the initial goal-setting work inside The Wonderment Community, and it's been a game-changer for me. I recommend that you pick 3-5 things that are the MOST important to you, and stick that list somewhere you will see it frequently. Here's a podcast episode that will help!

2. Use your "Important" list to make decisions:

Let's say that someone invites you to a party… but it's going to take you away from something that is on your important list. If it's going to cause conflict with your list, then you know the answer. Your "Important" list is the Filter you can run every decision through!  So: the next time you're feeling guilty about adding something to the calendar (but you KNOW this new thing is in line with your "Important" list) stop living in fear and just GO for it!

3. Pick Three Tasks per day.

If you could do only THREE important things every day, what would they be? At the start of every day, pick 3 tasks that will get you closer to your goals, and use the time you have to accomplish them. Some days, your three main things might be to catch up on housework… on other days, it might be blogging or photography or writing a chapter in that book you've always wanted to write!

4. Just pick ONE THING!

Sometimes when you're looking at a task list that seems a mile long, it's super overwhelming. How do you know what to pick first? Here's quick tip: Pick the thing that will make your WHOLE day better if you accomplished it… and then dig in!


Do you struggle with prioritizing your time?

Let's chat in the comments! 👇🏻


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