It's OKAY to Start Over.


Yesterday morning was ROUGH. Last week was a busy one, and the hustle and bustle showed up in the attitudes of the kids (and me!). I was tired and cranky. Both kids were bickering and whining… nothing seemed to make them happy. To top it all off, after spending the morning running errands, we got home only to realize that I had locked the keys in the house. 

So, the groceries got unloaded, and we all bumped into each other, physically and emotionally. Finally, I passed snacks out all around, and tried to ease the tension I was feeling. (Feelings unfortunately tend to stick around for a while on me.) I tried reading, used some essential oils, and ended up internet surfing.

I needed a reset. BAD.

Some no-good, horrible days just need something else to make them better. Maybe it’s a change of pace, a change of scenery, or a change of heart. (Or all three!) I didn’t want to waste the rest of my day by feeling cranky. So, I took action.

First, I tucked the kids on the couch with their lovies and a movie. Then I cuddled myself up for a rest. With the afternoon light and a breeze blowing through the open windows, I could feel the pace change. The feeling of rest set in, and after dozing for awhile, I woke up to happy kids… and a better me.

I heard a quote from a movie that has always stuck with me:

Let's go to bed. I'm tired of this day; I want a new one.

What if we can begin the day again… even if it’s only half-way through? If we would take the time to reset our hearts, and do the hard work of dealing with our emotions, so we can face the (new) afternoon with joy and peace?

Advice for changing your bad day into a good one.

It’s possible to go from a rotten day to a restful one. Learning how to do that in my own life has made a big difference in my days. You can change your outlook, your mindset, and your heart. It will radically impact your life, and those you hold closest to you.

Here are a few of my favorite “Day-Changers”. I hope you’ll try one (or a few!) the next time you’re having a no-good, very-bad day. 


➢ Take a bath/shower

➢ Have a cup of tea/coffee

➢ Intentionally change the pace of your day

➢ Take a nap

➢ Distract your brain

➢ Listen to some music

➢ Dance Party!

➢ Journal

➢ Self-Care

➢ Eat a yummy treat

➢ Turn the TV off/on

➢ Go outside

➢ Do something creative

➢ Clean/Organize Something



What's your favorite way to change a bad day?

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