Keep Moving in the direction of your goals.


This past week, I was chatting with a friend about how easy it is to get discouraged or overwhelmed when it comes to living out your dreams.

Here's a relatable story: You've decided to work on prioritizing your time this year. You come up with a few ideas on how to better use your time, and are PUMPED to start your morning off on a good footing. First, you get interrupted by a phone call. Next, you get a dozen texts from that group message… before you know it, you're scrolling and wasted 2 hours that you didn't mean to.

Maybe you'll relate to this one more: You decided to get fit this year, but you're NOT used to working out. The gym is filled with bikini models and sweaty guys who know their way around the equipment. There's a lady with entirely too much energy leading spin class in the darkly-lit room, and you're running 5 minutes late because… #Starbucks.

Have you ever heard the saying "It takes 21 days to make a habit"? Well: that's a myth. I know: Whomp whomp.

It actually takes around 66 days.

That's a little over 2 months! So… while you're waiting to see results (and your progress seems REALLY SLOoooooooowwww)how can you stay motivated to keep going?

Keep Moving in the direction of your goals.

1. Allow for a Rest & Reset.

If you're feeling discouraged about the goal you're going after, chances are you need a break! Let yourself take a rest. You can't expect yourself to put out at the same level all the time! (In fact, women's hormones aren't designed to constantly output at the same level!). I've learned to give myself some time to rest. Sometimes I watch a movie, drink a cup of tea… or take a bath. 

2. Motivate Yourself

I hate to tell you this: You don't just magically "have" motivation. You have to CREATE it. Have you ever wondered how some people just constantly keep going? They get up. They do the workout. They keep plugging away at their goals, they do it when they don't want to, when it's raining, when they're cranky and miserable. I guarantee you, They have days where they feel like they're not getting anywhere. But they've learned how to Keep Going. 

3. Stop Letting Dread Stop You!

Often your dread can build to the point that you put off the thing you have to do. (I really struggle with this!) You have to be ready for that feeling of dread… and have a PLAN for when you feel it. And that leads my to the next point:

4. Just DO the Dang Thing.

This is where the hard part comes… you've got to get going. Have you ever heard this saying? "If you eat a Frog first thing every morning, it will be the worst thing you ever do all day." However you do it, you have GOT to eat the frog. Here are a few things that have helped me: 

  • Have a great playlist that pumps you up.
  • Tell yourself what you need to hear.
           (For me, it's "This won't take that long")
  • Get Up. Like, get yourself off the couch and move.

I would love to know; what number are you going to try today?

(Let me know in the comments below!)


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