6 things you should write in your journal every morning.

Today I want to share what I do for my morning quiet time. (Although, let's be honest, it's not always very quiet, especially if the kids wake up early! ūüėú)

Since I was about 14, I've used journaling as a HUGE part of my faith. I'm a Jesus girl, so the first thing I do (after getting a cup of coffee!) is read my Bible & journal. I use my journal as a way to pray, ask questions, and find answers.

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And after that, I've started asking myself a few different things. And, YES, I ask myself the SAME questions every morning. The reason? These questions and heart-work are MINDSET shifts. They help change the way my brain works, get me focused on what really matters, and they have LITERALLY changed how much I enjoy each day.


Before I share what I write every morning, I want to give a disclaimer: These questions are things I've learned from a few people I would consider mentors. (I'm not trying to take credit for them!) 

So, here goes:

Number 1:

If I could live today over, what would I do differently?

The reason I ask this is because it puts my brain into a forward-thinking, problem-solving mode. It gets me thinking about the ways I usually waste time, and what I could do to make my day run smoother or more efficiently. 

One of the things I almost ALWAYS write is "Focus and Finish." That reminds me to pick a few simple things and do them WELL. If my day is going to be filled with friends/family, I might write something like "spending time with ____" as a reminder to stay present and not check my phone a million times. This is SO helpful and it has helped me be much more purposeful every day!

Number 2:

What can I look forward to today? 

Again, this question helps me stay present and enjoy the moments of my day. As a big-picture thinker, I often get caught up in what I WANT to do, or make happen, and I forget to enjoy the smaller moments of each day. But, friend... the MOMENTS are where our life is lived! The big hopes and dreams we have are great ‚ÄĒ¬†but the PROCESS of living those dreams out is where LIFE happens.

(Want to learn more about these questions? I learned these from the Building a Storybrand Podcast, episode 25)

6 things you should write in your journal every morning

Number 3: 

5 Things I'm Grateful for.

Every morning, I find 5 things I'm grateful for. They can be small, they don't have to be anything grand - but they should absolutely bring a smile to your face. This puts my heart into a space of joy and gratitude for what I HAVE. 

Number 4:

Ten Dreams I've Made Happen.

Next, I write down the 10 dreams that I want to happen in the next 10 years. Some of these are personal goals that will probably never change (like, I want to be an awesome wife/mom)... and some of them are huge, lofty goals for my business.

I also write these as if I've ALREADY done them. There's a reason for this! If you think of a dream as "someday, I'll do this ___", then your brain will see it as a "someday" thing. If you write it as if it's already happened, it puts your brain into problem-solving mode, and it will help you strategize, and plan to make those things a reality!

(Want to learn more about this? Listen to the RISE podcast, episode 72!)

Number 5:

How do I want to feel today?

I write down what I want to FEEL that day. This reminds me that I am in control of what I feel. I can choose joy. I can choose to look on the bright side (even on a day when all the kids do is fight). I can CHOOSE my feelings. (If you want to know how your emotions are affected by your mindset, you should listen to or read this!)

Number 6:

Speak the truth.

The last thing I do is write down a few truths. We all struggle with the lies we believe, and I've learned just how important it is to FIGHT them. So, I write down replies. 

I realized a few months ago (after YEARS of stressing over money in our marriage) that I was tying my VALUE to a dollar sign. I don't know where that lie started, but I didn't feel worthy of asking for money (even for needs, like medicine!) unless I was bringing IN money somehow. And, as a stay-at-home mom, bringing in money isn't my top priority. After I realized that my stress and guilt over money was rooted in a lie - I began speaking the truth over it. Even when I don't feel like it's true, I speak the truth over it.

So every morning, I write "I am a valuable member of our team." If I have VALUE, then working with my husband as a team on our finances isn't something I should feel guilt over. 


This is the start of my mornings. Every. Morning. (except for¬†busy days or days when I wake up too late! ūüėÜ)

And it's literally changed my life. I mean it... I've literally had the BEST days since I started asking myself these questions! I am SO much more present, more focused, and have enjoyed the moments of my day. 

How about YOU? Do you have any morning routines that make your day go better?






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