3 things you should write in your journal every morning.


Today I want to share what I do for my morning quiet time. (Although, let's be honest, it's not always very quiet, especially if the kids wake up early! ūüėú)

Since I was about 12, I've used journaling as a HUGE part of my faith. I'm a Jesus girl, so the first thing I do (after getting a cup of coffee!) is read my Bible & journal. I use my journal as a way to pray, ask questions, and find answers.

I've also learned a TON about habits, mindset, and a few years ago started implementing a set of questions into my morning journaling practice.

YES, I ask myself the SAME questions every morning. Why? These questions lead to MINDSET shifts. They help change the way my brain works, and keep me focused on what really matters. And they have LITERALLY changed how much I enjoy each day.

3 things you should write in your journal every morning.


So, here are 3 things you should write in your journal EVERY MORNING:

1. What am I looking forward to today? 

This question helps you stay present and enjoy the simple, joyful moments of each day. We can often get caught up in what's next, or what's MISSING… and  forget to enjoy the moments of each day.

Friend... the MOMENTS are where life actually happens! I'm not telling you to let go of your¬†long-term goals¬†(NOT AT ALL!).¬†But¬†‚ÄĒ¬†we need to learn to enjoy the¬†PROCESS of living out our dreams.

2. How will I feel today?

We can CHOOSE what we feel. Did you know that? It's MIND-BLOWING, and completely changed the game for me. So, every day, I write down what I want to FEEL.

This reminds me that I am in control of what I feel. I can choose joy. I can choose to look on the bright side (even on a day when all the kids do is fight).

*If you want to know more about your mindset & choosing your feelings, click here!

3. Five Things I'm Grateful for.

Every morning, I find 5 things I'm grateful for. They don't have to be anything grand… but they should absolutely bring a smile to my face. This puts my heart into a space of joy and gratitude for what I HAVE. (Again; helping me to stay PRESENT while I work towards a future that I love!)

Friend, if you've thought about trying journaling but didn't know what to write… Start here. It's SO easy, and takes maybe 5 minutes. And, if you're a "seasoned" journal-er, but would love to see some shifts in your everyday life, try this simple process! I bet you'll start living differently and enjoying your days more! 

Download a printable journaling page below: 

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