Self-Care for the Single Ladies with Kat Harris


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*PLEASE NOTE: We cover some grown-up topics in this episode, so put those earbuds in, Momma!

Important Timestamps:

6:17 - Self Care Tip #1 - Love YOURSELF

8:54 - Self-Care Tip #2 - Do what Lights You Up

10: 41 - Self-Care Tip #3 - Create Healthy Rhythms

14:47 - Don't keep your life on hold

17:08 - And… Tasha comes in for a visit. 😂

17:41 - Men aren't taught the same message

21:43 - Be clear and intentional in your relationships/life

28:50 - What is the desire UNDER the desire?

30:04 - What are we looking for?

32:02 - Start your day with Abundance

37:48 - If you're single and feeling stuck...

39:33 - TWO things Kat must have in order to chase her wonderment!


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