Self Care Ideas for Valentine's Day

This probably sounds crazy, but… I honestly never thought about Valentine's Day being a "couples holiday" until I was almost 18. I know, I know… it sounds totally nuts. 

But, when I was a kid, my family made Valentine's Day SO special. I honestly never thought much about it being a couples holiday until I was dating. I remember waking up to cards, candy, and my Nana would always give us the BEST presents: nail polish, gift cards, and all the girlie things. I'll never forget the year my Pop-pop got me my own beautiful bouquet of flowers! 

As Valentine's day is almost around the corner… 

So, this Valentine's Day… how about celebrating with some extra self-care? I don't believe you are on this world by accident. And if you were created with such care, then this is the perfect weekend to start pampering yourself. 


Here are some Self care Ideas for you to use this weekend!

Fake nails


A new workout class

Shopping date w/yourself or friends


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