Stop waiting for life to be different.


All my life, I've waited for the next big thing. 

I'm naturally a BIG dreamer — and there's nothing wrong with that! I love having big dreams, and dreaming them is my FAVORITE. The problems start to happen when I get too caught up in day dreaming and I forget that life is happening all around me.

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I've missed some amazing moments of the life I've lived, because I was too busy hoping, wishing, and waiting for what was next. 

As a teen, I wanted to get married. It was my biggest dream - I couldn't WAIT for my "prince charming" to come, and I dreamed about it all the time. 

Eventually, I got married... and ALL I could think about was having kids.

I had kids, and... for a while I floundered, because my biggest dreams were all fulfilled. (But that's a story for another day!)

Then, I wished we could be in our new house.

And when we got into our new house, I wished my business would grow faster.

Do you see a pattern here? 😐

If you're a big-dreamer like me, it's REALLY easy to fall into a cycle of discontent/achieve/discontent/achieve. Or you could get stuck in a constant state of discontentment if your "big dream" doesn't happen fast enough (or, at all!). 

That doesn't sound like a life well-lived, to me. In fact, it sucks.

Friend, I promise you: 

There is LIFE to be lived here. ❤️

Stop waiting for life to be different.

Stop Waiting for life to be Different.

Having big dreams is great, and all... but our life happens in the PROCESS. We have to fall in love with the moments of the process. The moments we'll miss if we're too busy dreaming about what might be next. 

I've struggling SO much with this. I feel like I've literally wished away pieces of my life, because chasing after dreams seemed so important. The truth is, no matter where we are in life, there are always things to dream about. There will always be another thing to work towards — and that's GREAT news! Because big dreams are awesome!

But I've learned the hard way that I've got to Enjoy the Process of living those dreams! I've worked REALLY hard to get where I am now - allowing myself to dream big, but also creating plans that lead to a purposeful life, and learning how to stay present in the moments of every day.

And I want to share what I've learned with you! I hope you'll join me in "Your Life on Purpose", an online course that will help you live on purpose! (in a way that makes sense in the middle of your busy life!)

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Do you get caught up in "What's Next" and forget to enjoy life's everyday moments?

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