The 5 Planner Pages I Can't Live Without.


Hey friends! You might know by now just how OBSESSED I am with my bullet planner. This system of planning has totally changed my life, and I can't go anywhere without it. (Literally. If I don't have it in my tote bag I'm lost. ūüėú)

So today I wanted to share 5 Planner pages I can't live without!

And before we get started, I wanna say: If you're NOT into Bullet Planning, it's totally okay! My second-choice planner would the Happy Planner (see it in action here!), and you can still lay out pages in this way using a less open-ended planner.


Monthly Spread:

The 5 Planner Pages I Can't Live Without.


I design a new page every month, and give myself half the page to be creative. It's one of my favorite creative outlets, and I love that I get to make my planner pretty!

I also keep track of a few things that are important to me on the other half of the page. If you heard this week's podcast episode, then you've already heard about the 5 things that are important to me (and why I rate myself on them every month!). I also keep track of 3-4 habits that I like to make sure I do on a consistent basis. If you haven't listened to this week's podcast, click here!


Weekly Spread:

The 5 Planner Pages I Can't Live Without.


Each week I start a new spread for the week. This is where I write my weekly goals, my grocery plan, and my daily tasks. I absolutely live in these pages throughout every day, and they help keep me on task! At the beginning of the week, I'll go through my calendar, take a peek at my schedule, and write the important stuffon it. I also write down things I want to share on social media, blog posts I want to write, etc.


List Pages:

The 5 Planner Pages I Can't Live Without.

Seriously, I can't live without my lists ‚ÄĒ because I've got a TON of ideas. I'm an idea-person‚Ķ NOT a natural planner. I have tons of ideas on a daily (hourly?) basis, and I try to write them down as SOON as I get them. I have lists in my planner for business, personal, blog posts, podcast episodes... and probably 40 others that I'm forgetting.


Index Pages:


These pages are SO HELPFUL! I keep all my old planners, (since they have tons of useful stuff in them), and I've gone searching through them MANY times. It's incredibly helpful to be able to look in the index and find the page I'm looking for in seconds. 


A Blank Page!

The 5 Planner Pages I Can't Live Without.

The biggest reason I love bullet planners is how flexible they are! They are so empty and full of possibility. I use blank pages to brainstorm, lay out ideas for Chasing Wonderment, and doodle or draw. I love the flexibility and creativity that bullet planning allows space for, and I love that it's an all-in-one tool for note taking, ideas, goal setting, AND planning! 

Whether you're into bullet planning, or you're just curious about how this whole "planning" thing works… I hope these pages have given you some inspiration!

And if you want to know more, at the end of every month I host a free "Plan With Me" session! Bring your planner, your bullet planner… or just a notebook so you can jot down ideas! I'll show you how I lay out my spread(s) and how I plan for the next month.

And ALL of this coming from someone who is NOT a born-organized, natural planner. (So if you aren't a planner… you're not alone!) 

Want a planning buddy?


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