What Does Living Well Look Like?


I need to ask you a really deep question: Are you living the life you want to? Are you waking up each morning with a joy and zest for the life you’re living? Are your days filled with purpose and intent? 


Are you plugging through your to-do list each day, wishing and waiting for something to change? A LOT of people I’ve talked to feel stuck. Stuck in their job, wishing things could change. Hoping that one day, they’ll be able to do ________. Doing the next thing, because that’s what they’re “supposed” to do. Before you know it, the days have slipped into months, and after a few years you’re wondering where all the time went.

I’m not talking about money, 401k’s, or having a perfect worry-free life. I’m talking about LIVING WELL… and that doesn’t come from the amount of money you have in the bank.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver

So what does a wild and precious life look like (to you)?

I’ve got a secret: it’s actually not that hard to figure out. 


Here’s your starting point: Imagine that you’re OLD. Like, 110 years old.  All your family is around you celebrating your birthday, and you’re telling stories to your grandkids, and everyone’s laughing about the crazy things you did during your life.


➢ What do you want those memories to LOOK like?

Do you want to look back at the life you lived and regret wasting all that time? Do you long for a life filled with adventure, or do you want to regret not having taken that vacation… being a work-a-holic… not spending enough time with the people you love?

What do you want your life to look like?


Here’s the thing:

You are LIVING your memories NOW. 


You have the ability to make changes in how you spend your time, your money, your gifts, your energy. Are you using all the resources you have wisely?

Getting honest here: One of the things I struggle with (and regret) the most is wasting my time. I have a full 24 hours in each day… but I have short bursts of productivity in between long stretches of Netflix, random things that snatch my attention, and everything else that distracts me.


➢ What do you those memories to FEEL like?

What do you hold dear? Do you want a life that’s steady, safe, and cozy? Wild, free and adventurous? Filled with craft supplies and books? Or a camper and no idea where that next paycheck is coming from?

We all have different priorities, hopes, dreams, and gifts. I’m very passionate, and love feeling FREE above anything else. I’ll gladly work for less pay if I can have fun doing it. I like to know that I can get in the car and cross state lines on a whim, stay at home if I feel like it, and am always ready for a coffee date with a friend.

What do you want your dream life to feel like?

Start living well NOW.

 What wild and precious life do you want to create? You don’t have to make giant changes right now. But there’s no better time to change your thinking. Don’t wait until you’ve got a list of regrets two decades long. Let yourself hope and dream of something bigger and better. Look for ways to move out of the job you hate. Trim down your expenses so you can save for a dream vacation. Start a blog, or make a weekly date at the park with your family.


What does YOUR idea of a wild and precious life look like?

Let’s chat in the comments below! 

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