What is a Prep and Maintain List? (and why you should have one!)


Alright, I've got an embarrassing fact to admit: I'm not naturally tidy.

I struggle SO much to keep the house in order! It's SUPER frustrating, since we have 4 people living in a 750 sq. ft. house. Let's just say the extra stuff can pile up pretty quickly. (Want to hear the story of our tiny little house? It's pretty much a miracle, and you can read it here!)
Don't get me wrong, I do try to keep up with it all. But I also spent 2.5 hours folding laundry last night, so… there's that. 🙄
When life gets EXTRA busy, I've learned that it's helpful to take the pressure off. The house doesn't have to be museum quality ALL the time. When you've got company coming over, I really don't think your guests are going to check under the couch cushions for spare change!

So… what DOES need to be done?

This is where Prep and Maintain Lists come in.

What is a Prep and Maintain List? (and why you should have one!)

Okay, so I don't know how you are when you're stressed or overwhelmed, but I can get really spacey and have a hard time focusing on — ANYTHING. Thinking about what I should do next isn't what I'm thinking about. It just feels like every item on my to-do list needs to be done yesterday.
Prep and Maintain lists help SO much when I'm feeling all the feels.

What's a Prep List?

It's everything you absolutely HAVE to do in order to get ready. It's NOT all the extra things you wish you could do. So if you've got last-minute company coming over, you need to make sure the bathrooms are clean, NOT that underneath your bed is dust-bunny free.

What is a Prep and Maintain List? (and why you should have one!)

What is the Bare Minimum of what you have to get done to prepare?

➢ Write it down.

ONLY write the Bare Minimum. 

Having a Prep List made up ahead of time gives you exactly what you need to  do, in case you get spacey and stressed when something unexpected comes up. (Let's be honest: unexpected stuff ALWAYS comes up!) 

Now let's talk about Maintain Lists.

What is a Prep and Maintain List? (and why you should have one!)

These lists are for those days (or weeks!) when the wheels fall off the bus, and you're feeling completely overwhelmed or stressed about life in general. Again, think of the BARE Minimum here.

What is the absolute Minimum you need to do to keep your house running?

Do you need to make sure the washer runs once a day? The dishes are done? How about the coffee pot ready to go every night so your mornings run smoothly?

➢ Write it down. 

ONLY write the bare minimum.

When you've written your Prep and Maintain Lists, keep them somewhere you'll remember.

Put them in your planner, or hang them on the refrigerator door. Just keep them somewhere that you can find them for the weeks that suddenly get stressful.

I have mine in my bullet planner, which is basically my entire brain in a notebook! These lists have been incredibly helpful for me. So when everything feels like it's out of control… 

Prep and Maintain lists will help ground you on days that feel stressful and overwhelming.

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