What to do when life needs a "Reboot".


The start to this week was ROUGH, y'all. I'm learning that Mondays are needed to reset after a busy weekend. (Saturdays are work days for both Alex & I, and I'm often helping at our church on Sunday mornings, as well! 😊) So a bit of extra "weekend" is a much-needed thing for this entreprenuer/mama/homekeeper/wife. 😬

This Monday and Tuesday, however... they were EXTRA. See, we got a whole new level of heat and humidity here in Delaware. And we didn't have air conditioning yet.

What to do when life needs a Reboot

Me, BEFORE it got insanely hot. I didn't look this cute on Monday.

Before you think I'm a precious little flower that will melt... oh wait, I am. πŸ˜„ I can handle anything up to about 78 degrees. The hotter it gets, the sleepier and more sluggish I get. Trying to move around in heat/humidity can actually make me feel sick and nauseous, so I legit sat/laid on the couch or bed for two days straight. UGH. πŸ™„

When Alex came home on Tuesday night, he quickly assessed the situation and the look on my face told him I wasn't cooking dinnerΒ until it cooled off β€” naturally or artificially. πŸ˜‚

The end of this long saga is that he pulled out the old AC unit (which we thought was broken) and IT WORKED. πŸ™ŒπŸ»Β He got tacos as a thank-you. 😬

Β What to do when life needs a Reboot

One of the HARDEST things for me is to "Reboot" after something throws me off.

(Side note: I'm using the term "Reboot" because I'm a child of the 90's, and our ancient computer used to need a reboot every so often. 😬 Usually after I got on it, if I'm being honest.)

Like a two-day heat wave with no AC. Or a bad chest cold. Or a busy season that drains your energy. No matter how well we plan... life's circumstances are always going to sideline us. Heck, WE can sideline ourselves!

So here are my best tips for what to do when life throws you a curveball, and you're ready to get back into your daily life, work your big goals, and refocus on intentionally chasing wonderment. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • Sometimes, you just need to let the bad days be bad.

    Yeah, that's not really rocket science...but SERIOUSLY. Some days I try to get up and moving, and I just can't seem to get out of my own way. Sometimes life will derail you, and the best you can do is survive the day and try again tomorrow.Β 

  • Plan for re-entry!

    Just like an astronaut or soldier. πŸ˜‚ It's really good to have a PLAN in place to help you get ready to live intentionally again! (Instead of binging on Netflix for the next couple of days! or weeks...) So, learn the things that help you re-set! For me, it's journaling out ALL THE FEELS, listening to something motivating, and having a list for the new day! It might look totally different to you... but it's worth finding a "formula" that works for you!

  • Plan for down-time.

    This is especially important for those that don't always have the luxury of stopping completely. When life gets tough in the middle of a busy season (or your work week!), you can't just STOP. So what should you do? PUSH THROUGH... and then make a PLAN for some down time. After I helped host the Flourish Conference with The Awaken Collective, I knew I would be wiped, so I kept my calendar FREE of almost all normal activities. I didn't plan for outings with friends, and kept my obligations to a minimum!Β 

Remember... even if life gets rough, and you don't get ANYTHING checked off your to-do list:

You Haven't Failed.

Because we're not after perfection. Winning at life and getting everything right... that's not possible or realistic. Life is GOING to throw us curveballs, and we might get hit in the face sometimes.

What matters the most is that you GET. UP.


So,Β I would love to hear from you:

Do YOU need a reboot? 😳

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