What to do when you're feeling Stuck.

I almost didn't write this blog post. I thought the idea was terrible, thought maybe it would turn out awful and be a terrible flop. I was doubting myself, my ability to have good ideas, and really... 

It all boiled down to a poor mindset. 

(If you think mindset doesn't have anything to do with you... click here and give this a listen before you leave!)

Having a poor mindset can affect literally EVERY area in our lives. And learning to fight it has been life-changing for me!


What do you do when you're feeling stuck?

Well, after a semi-appropriate time spent wallowing... (I say semi-appropriate, because let's be honest: I always stretch it out a bit further than I probably should. 😬)

You've gotta find the roots of the problem. And the best way I've found to get to the root of ANY problem?

One word: Journaling. 

If you've followed me for any length of time, then you know how much I love journaling! 😍

And... if you're thinking to yourself "I. HATE. JOURNALING." don't think this isn't for you! I don't think that journaling has to be done in the traditional, heart-pouring out way— especially if that's not your style! A few other ideas for journaling for the non-writers: Use a "Notes" app, write a list, or doodle it out! 🙂

What to do when you're feeling Stuck.

So how do you journal your way to the root of the problem?

  • First, you've got to WRITE IT DOWN.

    Put words to what you're thinking and/or feeling. Write "I feel like____." or "I keep thinking about ____." There's something about seeing the words written down that helps give you some perspective.

  • Second: (this is REALLY important!!!) ASK. WHY. 

    Why? Why are you thinking that? Then ask why again. And again. And again.


    Want a real-time example of working through this process? Here's a bit from my journal:

    Why am I feeling like a failure? 

    Because... I listened to this great podcast about blogging and planning and maybe my ideas aren't so good.


    Because I'm not good at organizing things.


    Because I'm not good at follow-through.


    Because what if my idea is terrible and fails?


    Because I'm not great at doing this consistently.


    Because I'm not smart.


    Ooohhh... OUCH. There it is. There's the lie that's simmering under the surface. (Pro Tip: You'll KNOW when you've hit the REAL problem. I promise. Just try it and see!)

    Here's what I wrote back to myself:

    what to do when you're feeling stuck

    (In case you don't like cursive, this says "I am smart. I have the ability to learn quickly, to retain information that's interesting, and I have a heart to pass on what I've learned if it's helpful to others.")

    • This leads to point #3: You have GOT to RESPOND!

      You absolutely HAVE to respond to the lies you hear with truth. It's the best way to fight the lies and to rewire your brain!

    (Pssst... that picture above? That's LITERALLY what I worked through before I wrote this. 🙈)

    If you are willing to write down something that you're experiencing, feeling, or thinking, and then ask WHY... again, and again, until you find the root of the problem, and then teach yourself how to respond:

    • It can change the way you think.

    • It can change the way you react. 

    • It can change the way you fight your personal battles. 

    • It can change your life.


    After working through the roots of my poor mindset, I sat down and drafted this blog post for you. I'm really thankful that I get to share this with you... (And I think it turned out pretty nice! 😊)

    Now it's your turn: Go do a little heart-work. Grab your journal, or a scrap of paper, and ask yourself WHY. After you're done, I want to know:

    What do you think you're capable of now? 😍

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