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Where do you want to be in Ten Years?

I have a question for you… Do you know where you wanna be in ten years?

There's something to be said for having a vision — I mean, you can't use a GPS without having a final destination, right?

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Here's the thing about vision + dreams:

They can change (or they might be missing!).

➢ You might lack vision, because you've been through something HARD.

➢ You might lack vision because you've reached the height of your dreams!

➢ You might not be a natural big dreamer, and you don't know where to start.

➢ You might not have a clear vision because you have too many ideas!


Girl, it is TIME to get clarity on those big dreams!

And here's how: 
You just need to grab a journal and a pen. (Or, you can open a word document! Whatever you prefer!) Now: close your eyes. Think about how old you'll be in ten years. Think about your bucket list. Think about your family, your friends, your relationships… those things you've always wanted to do.

NOW:  Start Writing.

➢ In ten years, what do you want your relationships to look like?

➢ What do you want your friendships to look like?

➢ What are you doing?

➢ What are you making time for? 

➢ Who are you hanging out with?

➢ Are you bff's with your teenagers?

➢ Are you making time for girl's trips to wine country?

➢ What kind of a person are you?


Don't rush this, friend. Go into GREAT detail. Think about what it will feel like, what it will smell like — dig into all of your senses and let your imagination run WILD. Let yourself imagine YOU. Ten years from now. At your absolute BEST.


Let yourself dream Wild dreams.

Here's the fun part: When you're done, look at ALL those pages that you've filled. And look at each area. Find TEN specific, focused goals that will get you to those big dreams.

I'm not talking "exercise" or "get skinny". I'm talking about something SPECIFIC, like "I will walk a 5k race in 6 months" or "move my body for 20 minutes every day" kinda specific. 

The goal is to find 10 specific, measurable dreams that you can work on — one at a time. 


I try to have goals that cover ALL aspects of my life: 

➢ Personal goals (how I want to feel/act/be)

➢ Relationship goals (what kind of a wife/mom/friend I wanna be)

➢ Business goals (how to grow and build Chasing Wonderment!)
➢ Non-profit goals (for a non-profit I'm helping to start!)
➢ Monetary goals (financial, budgets, etc) 


Write those 10 dreams down in your journal…
Every. Single. Day.

Don't try to do all of them at once. Just work on ONE goal, until you accomplish it.

Here's a cool thing about this goal-setting process: when you focus on only ONE GOAL, you'll notice results in the other goals, too. (Ever heard the phrase "A rising tide lifts all boats"? It's true!)

It's really important to only focus on ONE goal.  

I really hope this encourages you to dream BIG!


Share a BIG dream you have in the comments below!

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