Why I choose One Word instead of New Year's Resolutions - and my journey (so far!) - Episode 41


Important timestamps from the episode:

1:36 - Something I am INSANELY passionate about

2:07 - What "One Word Every Year" Is

4:03 - My first word in 2014

7:11 - My word for 2015 was SCARY

10:31 - 2016's word of the year was a much-needed one. 

13:29 - 2017's word made me REALLY excited and hopeful!

15:17 - 2018's word felt… WEIRD.

19:10 - 2019's Word… we'll go into that more at a later date!


Resources to help you learn more about choosing a Word for 2020:

Ali Edwards' "One Little Word" Project

One Word 365


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