Why it's hard to be consistent.


Why it's hard to be consistent.

Have you ever struggled with consistency?

Yeah, girl… me too. It’s like; no matter how hard you try, you keep losing traction. Or... getting off-track. (Or maybe you just keep getting distracted!)

I’ve spent YEARS trying to learn how to be consistent. I've tried every scheduling method, planner, and system I could find. I've googled, looked up ideas on Pinterest, and it's taken me YEARS to learn how to be consistent. 

Friend, if you want to join me and learn HOW to be consistent in a way that works for you...

You need to change your definition of consistency.

Let me explain:

When you think about living consistently, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Here’s what MY brain thinks about it: 

It should look like perfection. The chores should always get done, and my house should always look immaculate and museum-like. The work should always get done on schedule, and we should always have time for everything we want to do. Sounds great, right? Do you see the problem with that ideal?

It’s Not Realistic.

(Especially if you struggle with consistency!)

If you hold yourself to this (impossible) standard, you’re not making time and space for mishaps and the messiness of daily life. You’re not making space for the people you care about, for the days when you’re feeling bad, or the days that you Just. Can’t. Even. Friend, it's time to REDEFINE consistency!

The dictionary actually has TWO definitions of Consistency. Here’s the first:

“A steadfast adherence to the same course.”

In other words, you MUST BE CONSISTENT, 100% OF THE TIME. This is a black-and-white, all-or-nothing idea that's gotten stuck in your brain. It's also the  reason it's SO HARD for you to stay consistent: You're trying to keep a standard of absolute PERFECTION. 

But here’s the second definition:

Consistency means agreement or harmony, especially in components of a complex thing.

Now: I can’t think of anything more complex than everyday life! Real life is messy and complicated. There's mistakes and messes. There are friends that sometimes need us to drop everything to help them! Life isn't perfect, so we shouldn't expect our days to be, either.

It’s about finding balance in the complexity of everyday life. 

Consistency isn’t supposed to be a standard of absolute perfection! You shouldn’t be trying to keep it all together (or worrying about what your mother-in-law thinks, but that's a WHOLE 'nother blog post!). You need to give yourself space to find harmony for your life. 

Here's why it's hard to be consistent!

Finding consistency in your life takes a mix of mindset, strategy, and figuring out what motivates you. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated! It doesn't need to feel like you’re tied down to a bunch of rules, regulations, or a tight schedule. And once you figure out your own “kind” of consistency, I can pretty much guarantee, you'll never look back. 

Are you ready to get consistent?

Grab the Beginner’s Guide to Consistency!


Want to learn more about the Guide? Click here!

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