Why you need to start living Intentionally TODAY. - Episode 43


Important Timestamps:

1:02 - "If you don't start today, what makes you think you'll start tomorrow?"

1:30 - Why I'm not waiting to live intentionally.

3:06 - Why are you waiting for a specific date?

4:16 - If it's still in your mind, it's worth taking the risk.

5:11 - A sobering statistic about achieving your Resolutions.

6:21 - What would happen if you started working toward Life Resolutions?

7:11 - What kind of life do you want?

7:36 - What are you waiting for?

7:58 - Why I don't set New Year's Resolutions

9:02 - The statistics on Goal-Setting

10:40 - Don't go it alone!


Link(s) Mentioned:

➢ Why I choose One Word instead of New Year's Resolutions - Episode 41


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