Why you should Always dream Bigger.


Every time I hit a goal, there's an inevitable "let-down" after I reach it. It's a normal part of the creative process: after you accomplish a BIG THING that you've worked hard towards, there's a space between the last project and the next one that feels a  bit... Empty. It's when I'm not quite sure what project to start next, and/or I'm not quite ready to pick a new one.

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During my entire teenage years, I desperately wanted to get married. I wanted to meet my "prince charming," settle down, and have a family. I spent plenty of hours daydreaming. I filled up a hope chest with useful things (actually... our kitchen was fully outfitted by the time we got married! I only needed a mixer. 😂)

Eventually, the right guy came along. 🙌🏻 (And he's wonderful!) Then a few years later, two kids joined our family. (They're hilarious and adorable!)

Then, something awful happened:

I had NO CLUE what my next dream was.

I struggled SO much after we had kids! Up until that point, my entire life had been focused on the dreams that were now a reality. It was GREAT (Please hear me: I know how blessed I am to have a great guy AND what a privilege it is to have children!) - but I had never thought about having goals that would go farther than those dreams.

I was also fighting depression at this point, which made it feel like my joy and zest for life would never return. 😣 I spent a LOT of time crying, wrestling with my identity, and trying to figure out what was next. Little did I know that those emotional times were preparing me for the next BIG dreams. 😱

Why you should always dream bigger

Along with depression came a TON of other health issues, and that led me on a journey towards health. It all started with Slow Living, an intentional practice of slowing down that changed everything. I spent a month taking naps, resting, and just enjoying the little things — which is kind of a big deal for this big-dream, long-term thinking girl. 😆 And the biggest thing I learned during this space of uncertainty?

It's never Too Late to start again.

You're not too old. You're not washed up since you already achieved something big. It's time to dream a NEW dream. You're never done pursuing the next thing. You're not done running the race until you cross the finish line. 

I also learned that we should Dream Farther.

Once I reached marriage and motherhood, I figured out pretty quickly that it's only a small portion of the entire span of my life. It's amazing, yes, but it's not EVERYTHING. It's okay to let yourself dream BIGGER. GO further. Push the boundaries of what you've let yourself think about, and see what happens.

We should have LOTS of dreams.

Don't just focus on ONE big dream (like I did. 😑)— sometimes, for unexplainable reasons, we never achieve some of those big dreams. Some women want to get married and they never meet the right guy. Some get married and he turns out to be a jerk. Sometimes our dreams CHANGE, and we realize that all our goal-setting has led to is a dead-end road. 

I think we are dreaming Too Small.

We tend to think "Well... THAT could never happen, so..." But who's to say it couldn't? Who's to say that crazy idea isn't a big, God-sized dream that He has buried deep in your heart? Why CAN'T you dream crazy dreams? I serve a God who has bigger dreams for us than we could ever imagine. I serve a God who can do ANYTHING. (And who says I can do anything through HIM!)

I dare you to dream bigger.

What are you waiting for? Would you like to dream bigger, and set actual goals to get your closer to those big dreams? Come join Your Life on Purpose, an online course that guides you to dream BIGGER dreams, and create a practical plan to reach them that works for YOU.

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I would love to know:

What big (God-sized) dream has been tugging at your heartstrings lately?

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