What to Do When you Have All the Right Things in All the Wrong Places.


Have you ever felt like you're doing EVERYTHING you possibly can, and getting nowhere? It's like you're on a bike that should be moving forward, and suddenly you look up and realize that you're in spin class. 😂

That's how I felt at the end of 2018. I had been pedaling SO hard on my business, and I wasn't getting where I wanted to be. And, worse still, I realized that I didn't even know where I wanted to be pedaling! Maybe I wanted to be in spin class? Or did I want to get off the bike entirely?

What to Do When you Have All the Right Things in All the Wrong Places.

(I found this in my bullet journal from November 2018)

I was pushing myself SO hard to get the podcast up every week (I may bring it back... it's still undecided! 😆), and one day I realized I didn't have it ready. It wasn't edited, and I knew would take 2-3 hours of work to get it posted... and I didn't want to.

I remember getting on my Instagram stories and saying "I. Just. Don't. Want. To. I'm taking a break."

And, I did. And... it was glorious. I spent the last few weeks of December enjoying the season, resting, frantically finishing up presents, and then rested my way into the new year. I thought about this space a few times, about working my way through my "Map Your Business" book (my all-time favorite business book!), but it still didn't quite feel like the right timing.

I thought a TON about a new word for 2019, and the word 'Fresh" kept popping up in my mind. It seemed like everything needed a fresh start. Our home. Our routines. My business, myself.

What to Do When you Have All the Right Things in All the Wrong Places.

I think the best part about taking a break is the moment you realize it's OKAY. That the internet will not shrivel up and die because you're not posting there. That you can still have a business and take time off. (I haven't taken time off from my business in... YEARS. Literally, I even worked through the birth of both babies!

So... if you're needing a break... 

Take it. 

The world will keep going.

The universe still revolves. 

Let yourself re-think some things.

Give yourself space to dream. 

To ponder. 

To wonder where you're going.

To feel tired of it all. 


Most of all, give yourself some time to figure out what wonderment looks like for you.


I promise you, it's worth it. 

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