You Are Good Enough.


Have you ever looked at someone else and wondered how they manage to do All. The Things? That girl at the gym with four kids and a perfectly toned body. Or maybe the neighbor who has a stunningly (clean!) home. The more you look, the less qualified you feel to do… ANYTHING.

Before you know it, your self-esteem is at rock bottom, and you are judging everything you do against everyone else. Dear friend, if you’re not careful, judging your life against other people’s will CRIPPLE you. I can tell you (from first-hand experience) that you will begin to doubt your ability to do anything… and pretty soon you’ll be accomplishing nothing. 

Please hear me, girl: You are GOOD ENOUGH.

Even when it might not feel like it. Your dreams, goals, and desires are GOOD ENOUGH. The way you fold your sheets: GOOD ENOUGH. The way you choose to spend your time is GOOD ENOUGH. What you choose to prioritize and build into your life: It’s GOOD ENOUGH.

Your dreams are good enough because they are YOURS. They aren’t someone else’s. They don’t have to line up with someone else’s plans for your life… because you are unique. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and I promise you, friend: You aren’t a mistake.

I wish I could give you a hug right now. I know how much it hurts to feel like you’re not good enough. Everything feels awful, and making decisions gets harder and harder. You’re constantly second-guessing your own ideas, and goals. And before you know it, you’re basing your decisions based off of what someone else thinks you should do.

Nodding your head?  – Welcome to the club. 👋🏻

Here are a few truths that have helped me to STOP living my life based on the lie that I’m not good enough:

Realize that You are UNIQUE.

There is NO part of you that is a mistake. You have been created by a God who knows that the world needed YOU! It doesn’t matter if you’re scatter-brained and struggle to be anywhere on time. Or maybe you’re organized, and don’t like having your plans changed. I promise: God doesn’t make mistakes. All of the quirks that you wish you could change make up an amazing, unique YOU.

Embrace your Quirks.

This one is HARD. My whole life, I’ve struggled with being crazy-forgetful. I began by making fun of myself when I would forget things, but it didn’t take long before I hated myself for being so easily distracted and forgetful. Let me tell you: Nothing good ever comes from hate. (That applies to when we hate ourselves, too!) Why waste precious time and mental energy that you have over something so stupid?

Stop Listening to Lies.

STOP BEING MEAN TO YOURSELF. I know you do it… because I do, too. The path to loving the YOU that God made doesn’t include hating on yourself. SO: Learn to identify the “mean” voice that you hear. Then the hard part starts: You have to SHUT THOSE LIES DOWN. Every time you hear a lie, you need to speak truth back. Out Loud, if necessary!


The hardest thing about learning that you are good enough? It’s a brain game. Fighting the lies that you’re not good enough isn’t easy. But God didn’t make any mistakes when he decided the world needed you. What reminder do you need to hear? 


What reminder do YOU need to hear?


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