02: REST. Or, An Unglamorous Step Towards Wonderment.

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Rest: An Unglamorous step towards wonderment - Chasing Wonderment Podcast Episode 2

Today I want to talk about MY first step towards chasing wonderment, and what that looked like for me. And I will tell you, it is NOT glamorous. It was SUPER practical: my first step was REST. 

So, a little bit of a back story... Seven years ago I married the energizer bunny. I absolutely LOVE my husband, he is the most hard-working guy that I have ever met. He almost never runs out of energy (I have seen a few times where he has!). He can work from dawn until WAAAAaaaaaaay past dusk and not wear out. 😳

And for whatever reason, I felt like I had to keep up with his energy level, and that began to DRAIN me. It didn't take long for me to feel completely drained from trying to keep up with him, from trying to "match" his energy.

The next thing that took a toll on my health was that we had two kids in fourteen months. I. Was. EXHAUSTED. Not sleeping through the night, you know... all those things that come with motherhood, packed into a very short period of time. Along with already being tired from continually out-putting energy that my body is NOT meant to do. (Alex's body is DESIGNED for that - I don't know how he does it!) 

I was TIRED. Constantly drained. Emotionally, physically, and mentally NOT in a good place. And I struggled - SO HARD. 

Before we had kids, I had gone to a naturopath, and had tried to get some help with the health issues that I had been going through. One of the things that she told me was that I was struggling with adrenal fatigue. Basically, that meant that I needed sleep. 😂 A LOT of sleep. 

So, for the month of January (I think it was 2016) I took almost everything off my plate. I knew I wasn't in a good place, and I kept thinking "I just need REST." So, I RESTED. (It lasted well beyond the month.) But I started to change the background of how I was running my life, and that was my first step.

My first step toward living better ended up being a desperate need to slow down. 

And here's what I started learning, while I was taking that time of rest, while I was slowing everything down, not trying to keep up with all the people around me. I realized this REALLY. IMPORTANT. THING. 

You have to take care of yourself before you take care of others. 

Because if you aren't taking care of yourself, and you're constantly pouring out, your cup is gonna be completely drained and EMPTY (which is where I was). And there's gonna be nothing left to pour out.

There is NOTHING wrong with giving. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with giving — I think that living filled with giving and service others is a REALLY good thing. Being a Mom IS giving... that's what it is. 

But if you're not being filled back up again, you can't keep giving.

And when you get to that point, where you have nothing left to give... it's NOT a good place. (and I can tell you that because I have BEEN there)

The next thing that I started to learn is that whatever your "job" is, being a mom, being a wife, being an employee (or all three!)... Whatever that "thing" that you do full-time is, it usually takes a lot of our time and energy. As we give our time and energy to that, a lot of times we get to the point that it's ALL we think about. And we can LOSE OURSELVES in our work. 

I know I did- I lost myself in being a mom, being a wife, AND running a business. And we find ourselves exhausted, overwhelmed, we get really burnt out, and and very frustrated. 

Here's my question to you: 

Where do YOU need to start when it comes to chasing your wonderment? 

And, you need to figure out what you want your life to look like, or feel like, before you can figure that first thing out. So, in order to pick that "one thing," (your starting point) what do you want your life to look like? 

Do you want to feel less stressed? If so, what is ONE THING that you can do? Something that you can add in or take out of your life to feel less stressed Right. Now. Do you want more adventures? You might not have all kinds of money so that you can go to Bali or someplace that you want to go. But if you want a life filled with adventure, you CAN set aside some time each week to visit some local state parks. Or take your family on a hike. 

There are things you can do RIGHT NOW that can get you closer to the lifestyle that you want. 

Are you looking to stop doing something that you hate, like your job? If you are, you need to start planning NOW and find a way to move out of that job and move into something that's better for you.

Are you looking to do more of something that you love? How can you add that in, in a practical, simple way RIGHT NOW?

That is the first step towards living a life that you want (from my experience). That's how I've journeyed towards the lifestyle that I want. It's PRACTICAL. It's a practical, simple change. 

Just pick ONE THING that is solely for you to get closer to a lifestyle that you absolutely love. It might be rest at the beginning, for you... just like it was for me! 

The other thing I want you to understand about this is that the "thing" can (and probably will!) change as you grow. I didn't continue in that lifestyle of extreme rest for months and months. I put rest as a high priority at the beginning because it was the thing that I needed the most at that point in time. As I've gotten better, as I've healed my body, I haven't needed as much rest. But I've also found that if I push myself too much, now I'll take a few days to slow down and rest if I feel like I need it. But it's not my main focus now, and I've begun adding other things that also allow me to get closer and closer to the lifestyle that need. 

So: what is that ONE THING for you? 

If you're having trouble finding (and chasing) that "one thing," I've got a free guide that you can download below! It's a simple, 8-page workbook with thought-provoking questions, and plenty of room to discover your answers. ( 👉🏻 Grab it here!)


And if you want to talk about the "thing" that you're adding (or taking away!) to start chasing your wonderment, please leave a comment below! I would love to chat with you and encourage you on your journey. ♥️


Chase Your Wonderment Workbook

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  • Emily Grace on

    I’m going to adopt first step = rest. That sounds like a great place to start. And get some of this stuff off my plate. I haven’t pinpointed my “one thing” but I have the guide and I am listening to these podcasts more than once, Kate. Thanks so much for putting about practical, beautiful content. Blessings, Emily Grace

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