04: Start Dreaming BIG

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Today on the podcast I'm talking about dreaming BIG. Now, this is one of my Strengths... but I know some people struggle with it, so I want to give you some encouragement today. ♥️

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➢ Chase Your Wonderment Guide


Start Dreaming Big: Chasing Wonderment Podcast Episode 4

A few notes from the podcast today: 

Dreaming BIG gets you unstuck.

— From thinking that you have to stay right where you're at. From thinking that this is your only option... because it helps you think outside the box. 

Dreaming Big is the Starting Point to making Awesome Stuff Happen. 

— But if you're stuck in the mindset of "this thing will never change..." 

then it NEVER WILL. 

Dreaming Big gets you asking different Questions.

— How can you make this happen now? How can you get the learning/credentials/info you need to get where you want to be?

Dreaming Big helps you start PLANNING! 

— when you let yourself dream big dreams, you start to think of ways to make it happen. 


Now I want to hear from you:

What are YOU going to dream big about? 

Let's talk below in the comments!

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