06: Take Care of Yourself.

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For the entire month of September, we'll be talking about Self-Care! (Because it's Self-Care Awareness Month.) Today I'm unpacking what self care IS, what it ISN'T - and sharing a few different ways to apply self-care to your life. 

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 Take Care of Yourself - Chasing Wonderment Podcast Episode 6

What is Self-Care?

Self care is care that is provided FOR you BY you.


➢ You have to be the one that decides if you need it. (and you probably do)
➢ You are the one that gets to decide if you deserve it (and you do!)
➢ You are the one that has to carve out time for it (and you MUST!

If you're not practicing self-care, you're going to get burnt out.

It's really important to practice self-care BEFORE you hit burn-out:

 If you learn the things that burn you out, and learn the signs of impending "doom", you will be able to head it off at the pass instead of yo-yo-ing. (For me, it's feeling a sense of dread about my day)

- As you become more aware of how you feel, you will implement self-care into a consistent routine.

Difference between Self-Care and Selfishness

Selfishness is being concerned with your OWN advantage, pleasure, or welfare above EVERYONE


SELF-CARE is about making sure you are OKAY so you can continue to live well (and that probably includes taking care of a few people)

➢ It's actually a way to be LESS selfish, because you're taking on the burden of keeping yourself well, instead of putting it on significant others.

 It can be a huge relief and help to relationships - because you can TELL someone what you need. (instead of getting frustrated when they're not giving you what you need.)

 Eases off expectations (Alex prefers if I'm just blunt ((NOT my nature!!)) and tell him what I need, instead of expecting him to just "know." Being aware of my own emotional/physical/mental state helps me be more upfront and blunt!

SO: How can we start practicing Self Care?

➢ Sensory Ideas: Noticing feelings/sensations. (Hot baths, cuddling under a soft blanket, listening to the leaves rustle in the wind, feeling the breeze whip around you while you drive, massage, feeling grass under feet, drinking a hot cup of tea/coffee and feeling the warmth )

— ALSO: I'm a feeler, and feel EVERYONE's feelings. So I can take on other people's emotional state without realizing it. If the kids are cranky, I'm cranky. Sensory deprivation to deal with ALL the feels! Radio off, etc.

 Emotional Self-Care: (Spending time with a trusted friend, journaling your feelings out, letting yourself cry if you need to, choosing a movie to make you laugh, getting counseling, chatting while snuggling with your partner)

➢ Spiritual Self-Care: (Start a daily time of reading and writing your thoughts. Listen to uplifting music. Head to a church service. Be CREATIVE. Write down some truths on 3x5 cards, and put them around the house. Speak truth OUT LOUD to yourself, walk in nature and notice creativity.)

 Physical Self-Care: (Exercise, go for walks, dance to your fav. music, try new sport)

ALSO: things you "don't" do: Don't push yourself when you don't feel good, take naps instead of pushing to stay awake, get 7-8 hours of sleep, say "no".

➢ Social Self-Care: We NEED community (coffee dates with girlfriends, invite friends to dinner (order out so you don't have to cook), play-dates so you can talk with other moms, email/text a long-distance friend, find a group of like-minded ppl on FB.

ALSO: Similar to the physical side, STOP spending time with people who pull you down and are consistently NOT good for you.

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